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Why I’m Donating My Salary to COVID-19 Relief

Dear Members, Back on March 4, I shared an update on the early steps we were taking to support our member community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We didn’t know how the crisis would unfold at that point, but we knew how we wanted to show up: focused on our mission to make healthy food accessible ...

Availability of CBD and Hemp Products at Thrive Market

Dear Thrive Market members and supporters, In early June, we received a notice from our merchant processor demanding that we cease the sale of all hemp CBD products on Thrive Market. We unfortunately have no choice but to comply, and we’ll begin removing our assortment as early as Thursday, June 20. As many of our ...

Hungry on Campus: Are College Students the Hidden Face of Food Insecurity?

College kids, they say, are always hungry. But Alabama A&M University student Justin Franks noticed hunger went beyond the stereotypical late-night noodle cravings. A desk worker in his dorm, Franks noticed in September that several of his fellow students frequently went to bed hungry.

Bummed Out About the Election? These 5 Food System Heroes Will Brighten Your Day

Are you a bit down on humanity these days? We don’t blame you. So are we. As our two candidates for the highest office in the land rip one another to shreds, it seems like we’re more divided as a nation than ever. Kind of makes us want to look at pictures of puppies all ...

Coke and Pespi Give Money to Health Groups—While Fighting Against Health Legislation

Imagine a cigarette company financially backing health and anti–smoking organizations, and then turning around and fighting laws that help people stop smoking. Or a gun manufacturer donating to anti–violence groups while opposing gun control legislation—all the while reaping billions from the good PR generated from its charitable donations. This is exactly what soda makers are doing.

Take 2 Cucumbers and Call Me in the Morning: Why Some Doctors Are Prescribing Veggies

The great father of medicine, Hippocrates, famously said the following: “Let food be thy medicine.” We haven’t always heeded his advice. The pharmaceutical industry has exploded over the last century, and the solution to most of what ails us has come to be found in a pill. But most doctors still say that many diagnoses—especially ...

5 Reasons Why Shopping at a Farmers Market Helps Save the World

Your weekly trip to the farmers market might feel like another mundane errand, but it’s really much more important than that.

5 Reasons Why Sports Drinks Are Just as Bad as Soda

With the Olympics about to kick off in Rio De Janeiro, we can expect to be inundated with a number of things. Touching recaps from Bob Costas every evening. A fierce women’s gymnastics team. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s final gold medal rush. And advertisements—lots of them.

Is ‘Cockroach Milk’ the Superfood of the Future?

There are few people who see a cockroach jet out from under a heap of stinking trash and think, “I’d eat that.”

6 Reasons Childhood Obesity Is Even Worse Than We Thought

For the bulk of history, humans struggled to eat enough—from the time of hunter-gatherers living in a wild and dangerous world right up to modernity. Only with the advent of large-scale agriculture, huge food corporations, and open trade were most humans on Earth able to consume enough calories to survive. Though extreme malnutrition still exists in ...

The World’s Biggest Candy Company Wants You to Eat Less Sugar—Here’s Why

On almost every fast-food dessert menu, you’re likely to find at least one treat covered in candy. That could soon change. Customers who love M&Ms in their McFlurry may be out of luck if Mars, Inc., goes through a plan that’s in the works. According to unnamed industry sources quoted in a Reuters report this week, the ...

Most of the Food We Eat Crosses a Border—Here’s Why That’s OK

For all the hoopla around eating locally, humanity isn’t doing a very good job at it. And that may not be such a bad thing. A new interactive report published by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (ICTA) researched the origins of the foods we have on our tables—almost 70 percent of which crosses at least one national ...

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