VIDEO: 6 Pro Tips For Keeping Kids Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

November 6, 2015
by Dana Poblete for Thrive Market

Is there anything more heartbreaking than a child getting sick? Kids are kind of meant to laugh and play like adorable little maniacs—all-day bedtime is no fun for them or you.

To help your kids stay healthy this cold and flu season, psychologist and proud mama Zelana Montminy has some pro tips for you. In this video, she shares the importance of sleep for kids' and babies' immune systems, plus the whole foods and supplements that can reduce their likelihood of getting sick by almost half.

She also gives you the go-ahead to be a broken record. Okay, not exactly, but her wise words can help bring the important messages home to your kids that they've got to do their part to stay healthy so they'll never have to miss an opportunity to climb jungle gyms and run circles around the playground.

And an age-old dilemma is solved: Want to know the secret to getting your kids to actually wash their hands clean? Watch and learn.

Video credits
Produced & Directed by: Liza Glucoft
Director of Photography: Naeem Munaf
Editor: Stephanie Provence

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