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What Is Fire Cider? Here’s How to Make This Supportive Winter Beverage

Aptly named “fire cider” is a tonic loaded with aromatics, herbs, citrus fruits, and spices that, when combined, create a supremely spicy, warming flavor. They also serve a more important purpose: Each ingredient in fire cider has immune-boosting properties, so when served in the form of a very concentrated tonic, they make a supportive addition ...

Here’s How to (Safely) Get the Health Benefits of Sunlight

There’s a reason why the warmth of the sun on your skin feels so good, why the first rays of sunlight peeking in through your bedroom window help you to feel awake, and why a dreary, rainy day may leave you feeling like something is a bit off.  Sunlight, in moderation, is essential for human ...

What are Seed Oils and are They Bad for You?

There was a time when many people thought sticking to a “healthy diet” meant avoiding fats and oils at all costs. That advice may have changed, but there’s one type of oil that still raises red flags: seed oils.   Multipurpose seed oils (like canola oil) are a common pantry staple in households around the world, ...

The Best Health & Wellness Tips We Got From Experts in 2022

The end of the year is a chance to look forward and make goals for how to do better in the year ahead—for ourselves, our people, and our planet.  This year, we shared inspiring, thought-provoking, and beneficial advice from a diverse group of experts on the Thrive Market blog. Whether your goal in the new ...

6 Dentist-Approved Tips for Creating a Healthy and Sustainable Dental Care Routine

When was the last time you considered the environmental impact of your oral care routine? 

Thrive Market Employees’ Favorite Wellness Habits (And Why They Work)

Scroll through Instagram or talk to a well-intentioned friend and you’re bound to get some unsolicited wellness advice: tips for better sleep, better skin, even better brain function. But the true definition of wellness is much more individualized (and, often, much simpler). It may be something as small as taking a few moments to yourself ...

Your Guide to Women’s Health at Every Stage

“Healthy” looks and feels a little different to everyone, and women’s health is no exception. Women and people with cycles have varying needs when it comes to issues like their reproductive health, sexual wellbeing, and nutrition.  Since May is Women’s Health Month, we’ve identified some of the most common questions and concerns that many women ...

How This Award-Winning Cookbook Author Keeps Mealtime Interesting

For Sarah Copeland, an award-winning cookbook author, Food Network veteran, and mom-of-two, food is much more than fuel. “I learned from my dad that deliciousness trumps all,” she says. “He is big on healthfulness, but will not relinquish deliciousness or pleasure—or just plain fun—in the name of health alone.”

Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Diets

Some diets are fads (like drinking gallons of celery juice) while others stand the test of time (hello, vegetarianism). Regardless of the specifics, diets continue to soar in popularity. According to the Boston Medical Center, approximately 45 million Americans go on diets every year, and one recent British survey suggests adults may try up to ...

Natracare Makes It Easy to Have a Plastic Free Period

It’s no secret that we have a global problem with plastic. Plastic is found in everything, from toothbrushes to straws—but surprisingly to some, it’s even found in feminine care products. When it comes to creating eco-friendly and plastic free pads, tampons, and wet wipes, one brand leads the way.

The Best Online Therapy Apps

When you need to talk to someone—but can’t leave the house—online therapy apps can offer support. This alternative approach to therapy has boomed in recent years, especially as an entry point to more traditional models. According to the American Psychological Association, “the ease and convenience of scheduling a therapy appointment online and talking with a ...

Prenatal Care: Top Tips and Products

The months that lead up to the arrival of a new baby can bring all sorts of questions. But what do you really need to stay well during pregnancy and into the fourth trimester? Our guide rounds up the prenatal vitamins, balms, supplements, and other essentials you’ll want to have on hand as well as ...

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