The Best Health & Wellness Tips We Got From Experts in 2022

Last Update: December 20, 2022

The end of the year is a chance to look forward and make goals for how to do better in the year ahead—for ourselves, our people, and our planet. 

This year, we shared inspiring, thought-provoking, and beneficial advice from a diverse group of experts on the Thrive Market blog. Whether your goal in the new year is to take control of your health, start a low-waste lifestyle, or begin a morning meditation practice, here are some of the wisest health and wellness tips we got in 2022. 

On living a more sustainable life: 

“I didn’t want to overhaul my whole life and then burn out in five days. For me, I took an issue that I deeply cared about and I thought, I’m going to start in an area of the home that I love to be in, which is cooking in the kitchen. I intersected that issue with something that I find joy in. Find your thing, because if you like doing something, you’re more likely to sustain it.”

-Bonnie Wright, Actress & Environmental Activist

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On starting a fitness routine: 

“I set my workout clothes on my bed the night before. I wake up and just put them on. If I get cozy it’s just game over. I put my workout clothes on right away. Two, I work out at the same time every day. I find if I say I’ll do it later I never do it. Three, I schedule my workouts and have my entire week planned out so I don’t have to think about the workout when I go into it.”

-Sami Clark, Personal Trainer & Founder of Form 

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On managing burnout: 

“If we establish and maintain a mindfulness practice, we’re able to refocus our attention on what we can control—our thoughts, body, and breath—and remove the distractions of what we cannot control, such as the future.”

-Aisha Shabazz, LCSW, Career Strategist 

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On coping with climate anxiety: 

“[I] manage climate anxiety [by] building community and recognizing that this is an Earth-based emotion. Individuals are interconnected with the Earth. [Your individual actions matter because] you’re influencing those around you. People pass along the knowledge to their families. That’s how you build community and validation.”

-Isaias Hernandez, Environmentalist and Content Creator @queerbrownvegan

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On going low-waste or zero-waste: 

“When we talk about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, you can’t just walk outside and grab emissions from the sky,. But Plastic and trash is something you can physically see, hold, touch. It’s a great starting point because you feel like you have ownership and control. [Reducing your own plastic use] is a nice reminder that you can make change, and it’s a good one to start with because you can physically see it.”

-Kathryn Kellogg, Sustainability Expert and Content Creator 

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On starting a skincare ritual: 

“I love [gua sha] as a ritual. I do it during the day, usually as a quick pick-me-up. I normally do this three to four times a week as needed. Face fitness is something I do every single time I touch my face with skincare products. You can really do it in every step of your skincare regime. So two to three minutes each morning and evening at minimum to get energy flowing.”

-Patricia San Pedro, Gua Sha Expert 

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On habit stacking: 

“If you consider yourself particularly change-averse, habit stacking might be your new favorite thing. This method involves making small tweaks to already-established behavior patterns. Let’s say you want to commit to a supplement regimen in the new year. Rather than adding a whole new step to your routine, “stack” the new habit you want to set on top of an existing one. Maybe you already brew a pot of coffee every morning. You never forget to do it because your brain is trained in that pattern. Keep a bag of functional mushroom powder next to the coffee machine and stir a spoonful into your mug, or store your bottle of fish oil supplements beside the tea kettle and knock one back while you wait for the water to boil. Easy!”

-Bailey Kaiser, Certified Health Coach 

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On creating a wellness routine that works for you:

“I really think health and wellness is all about finding what feels good for you and leaning into that. I definitely prioritize eating foods that aren’t too processed, and (of course) tons of superfood boosters! Outside of diet, I limit my screen time after work hours and make sure to get some time outside whenever I can—even if it’s just a brief walk around the block. In Spring and Summer, I spend most of my free time gardening. It’s easy to get trapped into always being “on” when you’re working from home, so creating those boundaries and finding other activities to take you outside of the work zone are key.”

-Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Founder of Golde 

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On adding pleasure to your life: 

“To me, pleasure is actually a measurement of, and a kind of baseline exploration of, something much deeper than just traditional qualitative wellbeing. It actually gives us a deep indication that we’re in right relation with different parts of our lives. To do things mechanically so that you reach a certain kind of goal with your health is one thing. To actually feel really good as you do it and to love doing it…it’s so much more impactful on your psyche and your emotions.”

-Kiana Reeves, Chief Brand Educator at Foria 

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On sticking to your goals: 

“I know through experience that even when problems are hard to solve and the first few attempts aren’t successful, not to get discouraged. If I work hard, learn from my mistakes, and stay positive, it always comes together in the end.”

-Kerri Leslie, Founder of NONIKO

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On going vegan: 

“Everyone’s path is different. I always recommend people go at their own pace and not put pressure on themselves. Really just sit and think about why you’re even considering doing this. Try to go beyond the surface and really dig deep to figure out why. Once you get to that point, hold onto that. That’s what carried me through. I went vegan because of my health. I was approaching 40 at that time; that’s the time when a lot of people in my family started slowing down. That was in my mind. I really wanted to live a longer life. So I held onto that. Later on it became more about animals and the environment. Now I’m fully committed. So I recommend really holding onto your ‘why.’”

-Todd Anderson, @turnipvegan on Instagram

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