WATCH: Expert Yoga Teacher Tommy Rosen Whips Up The Best Dressing Ever

October 15, 2015
by Dana Poblete for Thrive Market

Never have a boring plate of greens again! This easy and nutritious four-ingredient dressing is what salad dreams are made of.

Yoga teacher and health expert Tommy Rosen shares his simple recipe for one of the healthiest and tastiest dressings ever: dijon vinaigrette.

Antioxidant-rich organic extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins E and K and can fight free radical damage and boost cognitive function. The oleocanthal in olive oil is anti-inflammatory, which means this healthy fat can even help ward off autoimmune diseases.

Probiotic apple cider vinegar is great for maintaining a healthy gut, and it can also help regulate blood sugar. Potassium, enzymes, and amino acids in high-quality ACV even have energizing effects. Not to mention, ACV has a punchy flavor that adds brightness to any dish it graces.

Stone ground mustard is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, and organic fresh lemon juice rounds out this recipe to aid digestion as well as add an extra bite.

Just mix up generous amounts of the ingredients below—it takes mere seconds! (The amounts are approximations—whip this up with feeling and come up with ratios that speak to your taste buds.)

3/4 cup organic extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
2 to 3 tablespoons stone ground mustard
Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon

Don't skimp on quality ingredients. Choose the best to get the richest, most nuanced flavor to infuse onto salads, sandwiches, egg dishes, pasta, and more. You're in luck! Thrive Market offers the highest quality ingredients for this dressing at the lowest possible prices.

Video credits
Produced & Directed by: Liza Glucoft
Director of Photography: Naeem Munaf
Editor: Stephanie Provence

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