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The Healthy Summer Condiments Your Picnics, BBQs & Parties Need

Update your condiment stash in the fridge and pantry this season.

Jelly vs. Jam: Preserves, Conserves & More

Get ready for the culinary timeline you never knew you needed, our favorite recipes, and best jars to stock your pantry.

How to Make a Vegan Burger

Chef Megan Mitchell wants to help you build a better vegan burger. Her hefty vegan burger patty is made with mushrooms, chickpeas, oats, and sunflower seeds. A sriracha-spiked sauce adds a little heat, and a food processor does most of the heavy lifting. Invite your friends, because plant-based dinner perfection is here.

Perfect Summer BBQ Pairing: Try These 4 Condiment Recipes

BBQ season is here! If you’re limiting your trips to the store this summer but still want to enjoy those go-to condiments, we’re sharing four recipes you can make at home using five primary ingredients or less. Plus, they all can be made vegan, paleo, or keto!

Liquid Aminos vs. Soy Sauce: What’s the Difference & Benefits

Soy sauce has become a common ingredient in most households, but did you know some artisans age bottles for up to 50 years? Most of us aren’t willing to wait that long (and are just as happy with an average bottle from the shelf). And nowadays there are a range of different types, including plenty ...

Ways to Use Pesto

Pesto is one of the most versatile condiments around. From classic Italian preparations (cue the basil and pine nuts) to more unconventional recipes (hello, kale pesto with pumpkin seeds), pesto sauce instantly elevates dinner. And parents, take note—pesto is a kid-friendly way to add extra nutrients to your family’s diet. Just add a scoop of ...

How to Make Homemade Mayo, Aioli, and Hollandaise

Let’s get back to basics. In this episode of Prep School, Megan Mitchell reveals three master recipes for homemade condiments that you’ll rely on again and again. First up, gluten-free, Whole30®-friendly, and keto mayo that’s ready to spread on your favorite sandwich. Next, try aioli, which is a slightly more dressed up version of mayonnaise, ...

Olive Oil vs. Butter

Where do you fall in the great butter versus olive oil debate? Many butter enthusiasts consider themselves purists who wouldn’t dare compromise flavor just to cut down on saturated fat while olive oil devotees point to the celebrated health benefits (hello, antioxidants!) of the pantry favorite. So which cooking must-have ranks supreme? The good news ...

3 Easy Recipes for DIY Mayo

A jar of mayonnaise is always a trusty condiment for tuna sandwiches, dressings, and dips, but did you know homemade mayo is a snap to whip up yourself? In this latest Prep School installment, Chef Megan Mitchell delivers an easy DIY mayo recipe as well as two flavor variations to really enhance your spread. “When ...

Manuka Honey Apple Butter Recipe

[schema description]‘Tis the season—for apples, that is! This spiced, sweet, and creamy apple butter is the perfect addition to fall dishes. It keeps for a week in the fridge, and you can spread it on muffins or toast, stir it into oatmeal, or even warm it up and drizzle a spoonful over ice cream! If ...

Cooking With Mayonnaise

Love it or hate it, we can all agree that mayo is here to stay. But before you dismiss the lone jar in the back of your fridge, read on to learn the many ways to enjoy the multitasking spread. We have a feeling you’ll find a new appreciation for America’s most underestimated pantry staple!

Ketchup Leather Recipe

[schema description]Does ketchup make your burger too soggy? Some chefs think so and are serving up a clever solution: ketchup leather! If you’re ready to try the trend at home, it doesn’t require many ingredients and your oven does most of the work. Ketchup is the main squeeze but a squirt of sriracha brings some ...

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