Ways to Use Manitoba Harvest’s New Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Products

Last Update: September 21, 2022

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, a naturally occurring compound extracted from the hemp plant, is quickly becoming a new addition to wellness routines. While many attribute calmer days and better Zzz’s at night to hemp extract with CBD, it can feel like a total options overload when first trying to add it to the rotation. But not to worry—with the help of Manitoba Harvest, we’re sharing five easy ways to use hemp extract oil—one of the most common, convenient ways to enjoy hemp extract.

But first, let’s learn about Manitoba Harvest. The company recently launched four new hemp extract products: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil in unflavored and peppermint, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Peppermint Oil Spray, and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Softgels.

Known for their Hemp Hearts and “Hemp Yeah!” line of hemp-based granolas, bars, and protein powders, Manitoba Harvest is the world’s largest manufacturer to grow, make, and sell their own line of hemp food products. How’d it all begin? Founder Mike Fata was looking for a way to make a difference in his health—at one point, he weighed more than 300 pounds and knew he needed to overhaul his diet. By focusing on healthy ingredients like good fats, protein, and fiber, he discovered the true power of hemp. His passion grew from there, and today, the brand continues to lead the charge in making top-quality hemp accessible to everyone.

Manitoba Harvest’s new line of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products is sourced from ingredients that are sustainably grown on a U.S. farm without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The oil is extracted using CO2 in a single-source U.S. facility. All products in the line are also vegan, solvent-free, and gluten-free.

We recently sat down with the brand to learn more about the new line and some of the best ways to use the products.

What are your main reasons for starting a line of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products?

At Manitoba Harvest, our mission is to transform peoples’ lives through the power of hemp. With over 20 years of leadership in the hemp foods business, we’ve always been focused on bringing all the benefits of hemp into peoples’ lives in every way that we can. Expanding our portfolio beyond our core food products to include broad spectrum hemp extracts is a natural extension of our mission.

What are the main differentiators of your products?

We’ve been in the hemp foods business for 21 years. Product quality, safety, and consistency are our highest priorities. Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract products are solvent-free, CO2 extracted, and contain less than 0.01% THC.

While you can take Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract straight, we think it’s a lot more fun to add it to drinks or enjoyable parts of your day. That way, it’s easier to remember to take it, and consistency is key if you really want to notice a difference in how you feel. In fact, we often recommend that people keep a journal to keep track of how you’re feeling while trying out different ways to use hemp extract CBD oil.

Now let’s dive into some easy ways to use Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. What are your top five ways to incorporate it into a daily routine?

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract oil affects everyone differently so it’s important to experiment with different product forms and serving sizes. Here are a few options to try:

1. Put Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract oil drops in your tea or coffee.

A hint of refreshing peppermint from our hemp extract oil drops or hemp extract oil spray is a great addition to hot or iced tea. If you prefer coffee, we recommend adding our unflavored hemp extract oil.

2. Add Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract oil drops to salad dressing.

Keep your unflavored CBD oil next to other cooking oils in your kitchen so you remember to add it to your favorite recipes. We like to add a few drops to salad dressings.

3. Make hemp extract oil part of your morning and nighttime routine.

Keep hemp extract oil drops next to your bathroom sink as a reminder to take your daily dose. Place a few drops under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing for better absorption.

4. Use Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract oil spray for a moment of calm.

Spay a few pumps of peppermint hemp extract oil to help you feel calm and balanced before a big date or an important presentation at work.

5. Mix up a Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract mocktail.

Add a few spritzes of peppermint hemp extract oil spray to a non-alcoholic mojito or gimlet to help you ease into your evening.

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