Organic Simple Coconut MilkOrganic Simple Coconut Milk043182002066“Simple” means it contains no guar, making it the perfect option for those with digestive sensitivities to the additive. Instead, this rich, creamy non-dairy alternative is made purely from organic coconut and purified water. Try Native Forest organic coconut milk in soups, stews, curries, smoothies, baked goods, and more!13.5 oz can
Good coconut milk - by No gum
Hands down my Fav coconut milk!! - by Best subtle light flavor and I personally like the chucks in it because of keeping it in fridge.
The best - by Just make sure you SHAKE THE CAN WELL! They coconut cream can easily separate into a thick clump and it can take some effort to get it mixed back together. A little warmth helps, so just let the can sit in some hot water for a little while, then shake well before opening. Cheers
So amazing - by So creamy and delicious. I use it for soups, hot chocolate, french toast!
Thick and creamy - by It is a thick and creamy consistency.
Native Forest
Native Forest

Organic Simple Coconut Milk

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