31 Easy Paleo Slow-Cooker Recipes

Last Update: March 29, 2022

There are few things easier than making a cozy meal in the Crock-Pot. You put the ingredients in, and a hearty dish comes out. You can let it all cook overnight while you sleep, during the day while you’re working, or in the evening for tomorrow night’s menu.The slow cooker does all the hard work and perfectly marries any flavors for you, whether you’re whipping up an appetizer, main course, soup, or even dessert—Paleo recipes are especially perfect for this cooking method.

Just make sure you take all the credit for your scrumptious, slow-cooked meal—your Crock-Pot won’t mind.

Soups and Stews

Easy Beef Stew

Instead of waiting for a stew to come together on your stovetop, put it in your slow-cooker for overnight, while you sleep.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Easy Crock-Pot Beef Stew

Curry Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin and curry make for a fabulous combo; the coconut milk gives this recipe a rich and creamy texture. Enjoy it on a cool autumn night, or pretty much any time of day.

Recipe: The Big Man’s World | Curry Pumpkin Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Yup, chicken noodle soup can be made in your slow cooker, too! Instead of regular noodles with tons of gluten, use zucchini noodles aka “zoodles,” to turn it into a Paleo recipe.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | The Best Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Pork Shoulder Ramen

Another recipe with zucchini noodles, this veggie-filled ramen soup is packed with flavors that will make your heart (and tummy) happy.

Recipe: Plaid and Paleo | Pork Shoulder Ramen

Chicken Stock

Everyone needs a good chicken stock, and with this simple Paleo recipe you just throw all the ingredients into your slow cooker. Add it to all of your favorite dishes, or throw some veggies in for a yummy soup.

Recipe: Cook Eat Paleo | Crock-Pot Chicken Stock

Chicken Tortilla-less Soup

Whip up some Paleo tortillas and guacamole on the side to really round out this dish, which is ideal for a to-go lunch.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Chicken Tortilla-less Soup

Chicken and Dumplings

There’s no way around it—chicken and dumplings is one of the most satisfying comfort dishes you can make, and it’s also an easy Crock- Pot recipe!

Recipe: Sweet Potatoes & Social Change | Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Bacon Cabbage Chuck Beef Stew

Aromatics like onions and garlic give the bacon a hearty boost in this tasty, easy meal we like to whip up mid-week.

Recipe: The Nourished Caveman | Bacon Cabbage Chuck Beef Stew

Moroccan Lamb Stew

Lamb stew is another easy Crock-Pot recipe. Sweet potatoes make it hearty and wholesome, and apricots bring sweetness.

Recipe: Strictly Paleo-ish | Moroccan Lamb Stew

Paleo Italian Wedding Soup

Between the ground beef, pork, veal, and chicken broth, all this soup needs is some fresh herbs, spices, and some slow cooker action.

Recipe: Breaking Muscle | Paleo Italian Wedding Soup

Appetizers and sides

Cabbage With Apples

This creative side dish pairs well with pulled pork or sausages.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Crock-Pot Cabbage With Apples

Rosemary Acorn Squash

You wouldn’t think squash would do well in a slow cooker, but think again! The finished dish melts in your mouth—pair with your favorite meat or protein.

Recipe: Jenna Braddock | Rosemary Acorn Squash

3-Ingredient Applesauce

Here’s a minimal-effort dish that both kids and adults can enjoy! It gets big flavor out of just three ingredients.

Recipe: Cook Eat Paleo | 3-Ingredient Crock-Pot Applesauce

Chorizo Mashed Yams

Kind of like mashed potatoes, but so much better. You get extra flavor from the yams and a spicy kick from the Mexican chorizo. You might end up making a meal out of this on its own.

Recipe: Rubies and Radishes | Chorizo Mashed Yams

Paleo Pork Poutine

Surprise your foodie friends with this one. Sweet potato fries, gravy, and Paleo cheese. They won’t expect it, and they also won’t be able to stop eating it.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Paleo Pork Poutine

Main dishes

Chicken Taco Bowls

Think better-for-you Chipotle. Load up on the bold flavors of chicken, sweet potatoes, and rice, and don’t be surprised if you come back for seconds.

Recipe: Fit Foodie Finds | Crock-Pot Chicken Taco Bowls

Easy Vegetable Korma

The slow cooking really gives the bold flavors and spices the time needed to meld—and the finished dish is heaven to eat.

Recipe: The Big Man’s World | Easy Slow Cooker Vegetable Korma

Paleo Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken stock, onion, oregano, tomatoes, and mushrooms all fuse into the perfect sauce for the juiciest, tastiest chicken dish.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Paleo Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore

Mississippi Roast

Roast is a versatile dish that can served on Paleo bread, mixed with veggies, or enjoyed on its own. It’s hearty, filling, and will appease even the pickiest eaters.

Recipe: Plaid & Paleo | Mississippi Roast

Applesauce Chicken

With zero refined sugars, this applesauce really complements chicken—and keeps it from drying out.

Recipe: Strength and Sunshine | Applesauce Chicken

Italian Beef “Sandwiches”

Swap bread with Portobello mushrooms for a grain-free meal filled with meaty chuck roast.

Recipe: Holistically Engineered | Italian Beef “Sandwiches”

Apple Cider Pot Roast

Pair this roast with sweet chili roasted carrots or even a bacon turnip mash. It’s comfort food at its finest.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Crockpot Apple Cider Pot Roast

Squeaky Clean Boeuf Bourgignon

What’s great about this Paleo recipe is you never have to worry about burning the stew—thanks to your slow cooker.

Recipe: The Healthy Foodie | Squeaky Clean Boeuf Bourgignon

Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs

It just goes to show you that just about anything can be made in a Crock-Pot. Use spaghetti squash instead of wheat noodles for a lighter take.

Recipe: Paleo Pot | Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs

Vegetable Coconut Curry

This dish is packed with vegetables, but also brings depth to the table due to the coconut milk. It’s fresh and filling!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Vegetable Coconut Curry


Yes, carnitas is ideal for adding to a fresh salad or grain-free tortillas. This is a Paleo recipe you’ll make over and over again. (You’re welcome.)

Recipe: Pinch of Yum | Crock-Pot Carnitas

Desserts and sweets

Maple-Glazed Pecans

A simple dessert you could eat by the handful. You need just five ingredients: pecans, maple syrup, vanilla beans, salt, and coconut oil.

Recipe: My Whole Food Life | Slow Cooker Maple Glazed Pecans

Apple Pie Applesauce

Add some Paleo ice cream, and it’ll taste just like apple pie. Hello, dessert!

Recipe: A Girl Worth Saving | Apple Pie Applesauce

Chai-Spiced Poached Pears

When you host your next dinner party, this is a great treat that’s easier to make than it looks. And the touch of chai spice? Sublime.

Recipe: Teaspoon Living | Slow Cooker Chai Spiced Poached Pears

Paleo Cookies With Chocolate Chips

Make these babies overnight and wake up to freshly baked cookies. Enjoy with your morning coffee or as a post-dinner indulgence.

Recipe: Food Faith Fitness | Crockpot Paleo Cookies With Chocolate Chips

Photo credit: Alicia Cho 

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