9 of Your Favorite Childhood Treats, Made Healthier

May 3, 2016
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
9 of Your Favorite Childhood Treats, Made Healthier

Oh, to be a kid again. Was there anything better than dashing out the door the second the ice cream truck jingle rang out, desperate for a creamsicle or push-pop?

Maybe not. And while those carefree afternoons might be in the past, indulging in a little nostalgic day-dreaming never hurt anybody. Making a grown-up version of a favorite childhood dessert can take you right back—and it’s totally possible to do it without overdosing on sugar. Just opt for one of these nine healthified versions of classic sweets.

Paleo Twix Bar

Gluten-Free, Paleo Twix Bars

Cover finely chopped raw almonds (which take the place of cookies here) with date caramel and dark chocolate, and you’ve got a Paleo-friendly treat that beats the original any day.

Chocolate Walnut Cookies

A flour-free way to get your cookie fix! Light and chewy, these are perfect after dinner.

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

A giant chocolate chip cookie is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Ours is made with sprouted white wheat flour instead of regular all-purpose, which adds some extra nutrients and makes it easier for sensitive stomachs to digest.

Raw Thumbprint Cookies

There’s two big reasons those traditional thumbprint cookies taste so good: butter and sugar. Good news, though—this version made from almonds and oats and filled with a chia-berry jam tastes just as good.

Honey-Almond Popcorn Balls

These popcorn balls look massive, but because they’re made of light and airy popcorn, they’re actually surprisingly low in calories. Honey and almond butter add sweetness—no high-fructose corn syrup here!

Paleo Scotcheroos

Full of a raw honey– and coconut oil–based caramel and covered in dark chocolate, our Paleo-friendly scotcheroos are decadent, yet made without refined sugar or marshmallow fluff.

Double-Chocolate Brownie Bites

Intensely chocolatey gluten-free brownie bites give store-bought versions a run for their money—and they’re full of good-for-you flaxseeds, nuts, and raw cacao powder to boot.

Raw Chocolate Ice Cream With Caramel Sauce

Making dairy-free ice cream takes a little bit of time, but the results are well worth it. Top it off with a raw caramel sauce made from naturally sweet dates (see also the Twix recipe above) for the dreamiest sundae.

Brown Rice Pudding

Brown rice gives this pudding extra texture and fiber, and almond milk lightens up the whole recipe without compromising taste. One bite, and you’ll be wondering why mom never made you this variation growing up.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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