July Picks: Our 9 Best Plastic-Free Products for Your Home

Last Update: September 28, 2023

As Thrive Market employees, we know a lot about our products. We swap recommendations, we sample freely at Thrive Market HQ, and we’re the first to add newly-launched items to our orders. Editor’s Picks is a monthly column rounding up the top three products our blog editors are loving.

It’s Plastic-Free July! This month challenges us to reduce the amount of plastic waste we have in our lives. One great way to do that is by evaluating what’s on our counters and in our cupboards. We asked our team to shout out their favorite products that help them reduce plastic waste in their homes.

Thrive Market 100% Compostable Food Scrap Bags

“I finally became a composter this year and I’ve never been more proud of myself (or my husband, who was annoyed at first and then turned to me a week later, and said “I LOVE COMPOSTING!”). I use these bags for the container I keep in the freezer, then once the bag is full, I move it to the bucket outside that gets picked up once a week. Yes I could put my compost directly into the bucket and avoid bags altogether but these aren’t plastic, they make the whole experience way less gross, and this is about baby steps. Compost! Start with a program in your area that picks it up and dream of the day when you’ll do it in your own backyard.” — Laura, Managing Editor 

Rosey by Thrive Market Bamboo Dish Brush

“This works super well at cleaning dishes! It’s not only affordable, but it also has the replaceable head for easy swaps once the old one gets gross.” — Erin, Senior Product Innovator for Home Cleaning and Supplies

Beyond Gourmet, Reusable Produce Bags

“My most put-together trait is that I NEVER forget my reusable produce bags. Let me explain. First up is their obvious and intended purpose: I leave them in a grocery bag next to my keys so they’re easy to grab when I’m going to the store. I don’t have to keep going back to the roll of plastic baggies for every item of produce, unavoidably fumbling each time I try to open one. Second, their versatility for transit and travel. After I go to the gym, I use them to hold my used clothes or shoes. When I travel, one bag holds my clean socks and undergarments, and the second holds everything else. Third, they are the unintended solution to the vexation of mismatched socks. Listen, I have no idea what goes on in laundry machines. All I know is that ever since I started washing my socks in a tied up reusable produce bag, not a single sock has been lost. After many years of asking myself, Am I the problem? I can now sleep soundly knowing that, at least in this case, I am not — and that whatever that problem is, reusable produce bags are the answer.” — Lina, Content Creator + Organic Social Strategist

Thrive Market Beeswax Wrap

“I use this for everything. Saving leftovers? Need to cut a lemon and save the other half? It goes on. I love the cute pattern, and it is just super easy to use, clean, and reuse. It also has a great sourcing story because it’s made in a small town in France.” — Erin, Senior Product Innovator for Home Cleaning and Supplies

Blueland Laundry Starter Set

“I am a Blueland convert! As a creature of habit, I need a product to be as good as what I already use. Unfortunately, I am a stinker. When the summer months arrive, goodness.. It’s rough. My clothes demand a strong detergent that can chase the awful odors away. I have been really impressed by how effective these tablets are while still being clean.” — Jon, Writer and Creative Production

Humble Deodorant, Moroccan Rose

“It smells great, I smell great, and I don’t know why deodorants use so much plastic when cardboard is recyclable and works perfectly.” —Laura, Managing Editor

Rosey by Thrive Market Do-Anything Recycled Microfiber Cloths

“If you’re still wiping counters with paper towels, what are you doing? (But did you know you can probably compost your paper towels?) I use these on every surface I can find, then wash them and reuse them and do it all over again.” — Laura, Managing Editor

Fruit Huggers Fruit and Veggie Huggers in Autumn Harvest

“The answer to my admittedly minor, yet annoyingly persistent struggle between 1) avoiding plastic baggies or plastic wrap and 2) feeling like using and washing a whole Tupperware container is too much effort for a half piece of produce. Before Fruit Huggers entered my life, I had numbly accepted that the second half of my avocado would be browned, and my lemon dried out from being openly exposed to the cold refrigerator air. A niche problem requires a niche solution and these ~just make sense~.” — Lina, Content Creator + Organic Social Strategist

Santa Cruz Organic Creamy Peanut Butter, Dark Roasted

“Maybe it’s the dark roast, maybe it’s magic… but it’s the best peanut butter I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a LOT of peanut butter in my life. I like to eat it as a breakfast of “peanut butter with banana” where I have big spoons of peanut butter with a tiny bit of banana to make myself feel better. It comes in a glass jar, so after you go through it in a week, you can wash out the jar and reuse it for salad dressings, storage, or a flower vase with the label still on to remind you of your all-time favorite PB.” — Laura, Managing Editor

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Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts is Thrive Market's Senior Editorial Writer. She is based in Los Angeles via Pittsburgh, PA.

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