Fruit and Veggie Huggers, Autumn HarvestFruit and Veggie Huggers, Autumn Harvest653341030344It can be difficult to get your five servings of fruits and vegetables every day when you have trouble keeping produce fresh. Food Huggers come to the rescue with airtight lids that fit right over your tomatoes, lemons, onions, and more to keep oxygen out that could spoil them. Also great for covering cans, jars, and other small containers.5 count
Maybe? - by New to these and not sure if I like them yet. They work and seem well built after the couple first uses. I’m just not sure if I’d prefer a container or beeswax yet.
great product - by works well. I also use as cover for cans. clean up easy
Great food saver - by Glad I don’t need to waste plastic or a whole bowl for smaller foods.
Super Convenient! - by Super convenient. Easy to clean. Love the variety of sizes.
Awesome - by These are great! I’m trying to buy less plastic bags. This is perfect for that!
Food Huggers
Food Huggers

Fruit and Veggie Huggers, Autumn Harvest

5 count$2.70/each
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