DIY Reusable Face Wipes

April 2, 2019
by Nicole Gulotta for Thrive Market

No need to toss another disposable makeup wipe! Here’s a reusable version that’ll help keep your beauty routine eco-friendly. All you need is an iron, a fabric of choice, and interfacing, a woven, iron-on material that provides stability—no sewing required.

DIY Reusable Face Wipes

What you need

Iron-on interfacing
100 percent organic flannel fabric


Pre-wash all fabric and make sure it’s thoroughly dry.

Preheat iron on hot setting. Cut two large pieces of fabric into the same size; then cut a piece of interfacing in the same size to match. Lay one piece of fabric right-side down. Lay the interfacing directly on top, then place remaining cut fabric right-side up over the interfacing. Run the hot iron over fabric, until the interfacing fuses both pieces together. Flip fabric over and iron again. Cut into desired sizes. Run through the washing machine on a warm cycle, then air dry.

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