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Beauty Trends: Makeup That Doubles as Skin Care

Makeup with skin care benefits is a beauty trend we can get behind. The products help showcase your natural beauty while nourishing your skin. They can reduce the number of products you need (saving money), streamline your morning routine (saving time), and help declutter the bathroom (saving space). Get ready to load up your cart ...

Go From the Office to Cocktails With Clean Makeup From WELL People

When you’re dashing from the office to dinner with friends, you need makeup that can keep up with your plans. Watch our video to see a simple, fresh-faced routine from Well People featuring a day-to-night look that’s easy to pull off. We’ll give you some of our favorite product picks, too.

Reusable Hydrating Face Mask

Make a date with this moisturizing sheet mask to infuse your skin with all sorts of hydrating ingredients like rosehip oil, witch hazel, and squalane, which delivers antioxidants. It’ll take some DIY action in the form of cutting out a muslin round to fit the shape of your face, but then you can sit back ...

DIY Reusable Face Wipes

No need to toss another disposable makeup wipe! Here’s a reusable version that’ll help keep your beauty routine eco-friendly. All you need is an iron, a fabric of choice, and interfacing, a woven, iron-on material that provides stability—no sewing required.

21 Best Summer Beauty Tips & Products

From bronzed skin to beachy waves, summer is all about effortless, natural beauty. Since there’s no better time to incorporate nature-based products and good-for-you formulas into your hair, skin, and makeup routine, we’ve rounded up the best of summer beauty. Get ready to turn up the heat with these 21 sizzling summer essentials.

6 Dermatologist-Approved Ways to Soothe and Heal a Sunburn

San Diego, Calif., June 2010. Despite the gray skies, I’m lounging on the beach with three friends. We’re determined to make the most out of a weekend trip—gloomy weather or not.

2 Quick, All-Natural DIY Facials Using 3 Ingredients or Less

The best way to be kind to your skin, save money, and have a ton of fun in the process? Whip up your own DIY face scrubs and masks with items already in the kitchen!

Get Rid of Dark Circles With Red Lipstick—Seriously

We write a lot about sleep.

31 Surprising (and Useful!) Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Kylie Jenner uses it like mouthwash. Channing Tatum rubs it on his pregnant wife’s belly. Apolo Ohno chows down on it the night before a race for extra energy.

Don’t Even Think About Sharing These 13 Germ-Filled Personal Care Products

Sharing is caring—in most situations. Letting your little brother play with your favorite teddy bear is the mark of a good sibling. Splitting a creme brulee on a first date can be incredibly romantic. Even trying something new with a friend can be the bonding experience that takes you from acquaintances to best buds.

How to Reverse Aging Skin On Your Face Caused By Stress

Stress—possibly the worst thing nearly all of us experience on a daily basis, which can end up doing significant damage to our health and to our skin. Understanding how to reverse aging skin starts with understanding the effects of stress on the face.

The #1 Move for Better Posture

What’s a foam roller? Do I need one? Seems kind of lame if you ask me. —Greg P.

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