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Palm Done Right Proves Palm Oil Can Be Grown for Good

Palm oil has quickly become one of the most notorious ingredients on the nutrition panel as more details emerge about how most companies produce it. The short version: Many palm oil producers burn down lush rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia to clear the way for their plantations. In the process, they displace indigenous communities and ...

The Truth About Palm Oil + How Thrive Market Is Setting a New Standard

Did you know that palm oil is the most consumed oil in the world? It’s found in everything from snacks and ice cream to cosmetics and biofuel—in fact, about 50 percent of the packaged goods you see in the supermarket today contain palm oil or one of its derivatives. Because palm oil is often masked ...

Look Your Best with Organic Makeup

While most of us here at Thrive Market are pretty careful about what we put in our bodies, many of us are taking things a step further by mindfully sourcing the things we put on our bodies. From natural hair products to organic skin care, there’s a rising desire to include more nature-based products into ...

DIY Reusable Face Wipes

No need to toss another disposable makeup wipe! Here’s a reusable version that’ll help keep your beauty routine eco-friendly. All you need is an iron, a fabric of choice, and interfacing, a woven, iron-on material that provides stability—no sewing required.

Best Clean Beauty Products & Makeup Brands for 2019

The term “clean beauty” gets thrown around quite a bit, especially because the cosmetics industry is not strictly regulated when it comes to labeling claims and ingredients. This can open the door for a lot of confusion (not to mention a market saturated with questionable products).

How WELL PEOPLE Is Pioneering Innovative, Plant-Based Cosmetics

If you think “plant-based beauty” means sacrificing the staying power of traditional cosmetics in exchange for good-for-you ingredients, WeLL PEOPLE is about to change your mind. This green beauty brand is blazing a trail in the industry thanks to three founders—an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, and a dermatologist—who are committed to using nontoxic, renewable, and ...

Well People Has Your Ticket to Glamorous Holiday Makeup

Between decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, and all the parties, the holiday season can sometimes feel like a marathon! That’s why we asked the team at green beauty brand Well People for an easy, festive look that’ll last from day to night. Stock up on these eight must-have products for everything you need to put your ...

Best Makeup and Brushes for That Natural Look

Though makeup trends may come and go, there’s one trend we’re sticking to for good: ditching chemicals in favor of natural ingredients that are just as high-performing as they are good for our skin. After all, if we’re picky about our food and household items, shouldn’t these strict standards extend to beauty essentials? And here’s ...

This Crucial Step Might Be Missing from Your Makeup Routine—Here’s an Easy Way to Fix That

If you don’t already clean your makeup brushes regularly, you might want to start. A 2013 study from Loyola Marymount University found that after one month, brush bacteria had increased to a number too high to measure. Eek! Thankfully, washing your brushes is really easy to do, no pricey products required.

5 Cruelty-Free, All-Natural Makeup Products to Light Up Your Holiday Party Look

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to bring on the baking, shopping, Mariah Carey carols, and the decorations. But your tree doesn’t have to be the only thing that lights up a room. With these five all-natural cosmetics you can also get glowing—all formulated without chemicals or parabens, or other potential irritants.

Wipe Away Even the Most Stubborn Mascara With These DIY Makeup Remover Pads

From waterproof mascara to heavily pigmented shadows and liners, makeup is now formulated to withstand the elements—blistering heat, torrential rain, ugly crying. And while that’s great for hours upon hours of looking glam, removing stubborn cosmetics can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like no amount of tissues or tap water are going to get you ...

Morning Makeup Tricks to Wake Up Your Face in Less Than 5 Minutes

Waking up looking like you barely slept happens to the best of us. Makeup to the rescue! But when you actually don’t get enough sleep, that often leads to extra snooze-button action, cutting primping time short, too.

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