Best Clean Beauty Products & Makeup Brands for 2019

Last Update: May 13, 2024

The term “clean beauty” gets thrown around quite a bit, especially because the cosmetics industry is not strictly regulated when it comes to labeling claims and ingredients. This can open the door for a lot of confusion (not to mention a market saturated with questionable products).

No matter how you define clean beauty, Thrive Market can help you establish a personal care routine that’s as plant-based and earth-friendly as possible. We offer a wide selection of makeup products that are formulated with natural botanicals, herbal extracts, and skin-healthy minerals instead of harsh chemicals. We also source products that are made responsibly through sustainable ingredients, ethical production, and animal-friendly practices. From shopping tips to organic brands and essential products, here’s what you need to know to build a clean beauty routine in 2019.

Clean Beauty Q&A

Shopping for clean beauty products might prompt a few questions as you narrow in on a more natural routine. Let’s take a look at a few FAQs.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

Products that are labeled as hypoallergenic are formulated with ingredients that are unlikely to provoke allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, it makes sense to look hypoallergenic products and cosmetics because they tend to avoid triggering ingredients like surfactants and harsh chemicals.

What is vegan makeup?

Vegan products don’t contain any animal-based ingredients or byproducts. In particular, vegan makeup products steer clear of animal-derived ingredients that are commonly found in conventional cosmetic formulas. These include stearic acid, beeswax, honey, shellac, keratin, and lanolin.

What is the best makeup for sensitive skin?

If you’re dealing with a delicate complexion, finding makeup brands that don’t prompt reactions or breakouts can be tough. Opt for naturally formulated brands (more on that below) that make products without potential irritants like chemicals, preservatives, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and synthetic emollients. Instead, go for makeup items formulated with plant-based oils and extracts that go easy on sensitive skin, like aloe and jojoba.

What is the best makeup for oily skin?

Finding the right foundational makeup for oily skin isn’t easy since many products contain fragrances, preservatives, and waxes that can lead to breakouts. Your best bet is to look for natural, mineral-based makeup products with ingredients like zinc and mica, which help mattify skin, absorb excess oil, and keep breakouts at bay.

How should you clean makeup brushes?

Cleaning makeup brushes is an often overlooked but important part of any makeup routine. Aim to clean your brushes about once a week. Use lukewarm water and a gentle soap or makeup brush cleanser (rather than regular soap, which can dry out bristles), and wash brushes by hand. Leave them to dry on a counter, with the bristles hanging off the edge for full airflow.

Top Clean Beauty Brands

Taking a cleaner approach to your makeup routine starts with stocking up on chemical-free brands made with natural, good-for-skin ingredients. Here are our top non-toxic beauty lines.

Mineral Fusion

Free of parabens, gluten, artificial colors, and phthalates, this professional-grade line helps you put your best face forward without harsh ingredients.

Well People

Well People makes simple but performance-driven botanical-based formulas without fillers, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, or petroleum byproducts. Learn more here.

RMS Beauty

Designed to nourish skin while warding off signs of aging, RMS products are made from raw, food-grade, organic ingredients—and totally free of questionable chemicals and fillers.

No Miss Cosmetics

You can’t miss with this chemical-free, environmentally-friendly line that’s also cruelty-free.

Mineral Hygienics

From foundations to finishing powders and everything in between, this innovative brand keeps skin protected from harmful UV rays with natural zinc oxide–infused formulas.

Top Clean Beauty Products

What do Thrive Market members keep in their makeup bags? Check out our most coveted clean beauty essentials.

Clean Beauty Products for Face

Put your best face forward with these skin-protecting must-haves.

RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Concealer

Even skin tone and conceal imperfections with this lightweight hydrating concealer, which includes jojoba and coconut oils.

Well People Foundation Stick

Perfect for travel, this convenient, spill-proof stick glides onto skin for a fresh, flawless face.

Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation

Create a near-perfect canvas while nourishing skin with this gluten-free, vegan pressed powder.

Clean Beauty Products for Cheeks

When we need a natural-looking glow, we reach for one of these cheeky favorites.

Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo

Here’s a bronzing duo that delivers a sunkissed glow while also warding off free radicals thanks to a handful of antioxidant ingredients—pomegranate, red and white teas, and vitamins C and E.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek Balm in Demure

Another great multitasker, this balm made from organic coconut oil and beeswax gives cheeks and lips a sheer rosy hue.

Clean Beauty Products for Eyes

Open your eyes to these naturally formulated mascaras, liners, and shadows.

Mineral Fusion Jaded Eye Shadow Trio

Get three mineral-based, richly pigmented shades in one kit with a crease-resistant shadow trio that’s perfect for creating a daytime look or a more dramatic smokey eye.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Embrace

This cream-based shadow is infused with coconut and jojoba seed oils that go easy on lids. The sheer, rose quartz color is totally distinctive, too.

No Miss Cosmetics Black Diamond Liquid Eyeliner

Fragrance-free and safe for sensitive eyes, this liquid liner includes herbal extracts and is enriched with aloe and vitamin E for an extra-dose of moisture.

Mineral Fusion Waterproof Mascara

Yep, natural waterproof mascara exists! This one pairs well with sad movies, weddings, or any other tear-jerking occasion. The clever formula repels water while keeping lashes looking luscious thanks to aloe and argan oil.

Clean Beauty Products for Lips

These earth-based buys give good lip service.

True Moringa Truth Pink Yarrow Cocoa Lip Whip

Want smooth, glossy lips? You must whip it! This blend of nourishing cocoa butter and moringa leaves lips extra soft while imparting a fresh pink hue.

Thrive Market Citrus Lip Balm

Going for a more natural look? Pucker up to this non-toxic blend of cocoa butter, baobab oil, calendula extract, and invigorating orange essential oil.

Top Clean Makeup Removers

Feel fresh and clean with these gentle removers.

No Miss Cosmetics No Tears! Eye Make-up Remover

Specifically formulated for the delicate eye area, this fragrance-free remover won’t smear or leave behind an oily residue.

RMS Beauty The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes

Tuck these travel-friendly wipes into your bag for your next weekend getaway or keep a pack on hand for an easy bedtime routine. The organic coconut oil–based formula gently lifts makeup without stripping moisture.

DIY Clean Beauty Recipes

Create a customized beauty routine with DIY recipes and genius hacks.

2-Ingredient Cream Blush Stick

This recipe is so simple. Combine coconut oil and a slice of your favorite lipstick shade for an easy-to-use cream blush in stick form—to apply, just twist and swipe!

All-Natural DIY Lipstick

The ingredients list here may read like a child’s craft project, but don’t be fooled! You can create a fierce lipstick in a custom shade by blending non-toxic crayons with coconut oil and shea butter.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Keeping personal care tools fresh and germ-free is a key component of any clean beauty regimen. Try this DIY solution to give your brush set a little refresh.

DIY Makeup Remover Pads

Wipe away the day with these homemade wipes made with distilled water, castile soap, olive oil, and cotton rounds.

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