ICYMI: Simple Homemade Candy Bars and 10 Yoga Poses for Emotional Healing

October 23, 2015
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
ICYMI: Simple Homemade Candy Bars and 10 Yoga Poses for Emotional Healing

When Friday rolls around, sometimes nothing sounds better than a relaxing evening, curled up on the couch with a glass of wine or hot tea and a book.

We're right there with you—but we'd like to humbly suggest you switch your reading material to some of the greatest hits you might have missed on the Thrive Notebook this week. Our favorites include an incredibly easy recipe for homemade candy bars, the best yoga poses to boost your emotional health, and wonderfully spooky DIYs to deck out your home for All Hallows Eve.

Homemade Quinoa Crunch Bars Beat Out The Store-Bought Alternative

Popped quinoa forms the crispy base for these creamy dark chocolate candy bars. Kiddos won't even miss the mass market version!

At The White House, Staffers Are Standing Tall For a Surprising New Reason

West Wing employees—they're just like us. Or at least, they want the same ergonomic desks as we do.

Ask a Health Coach: Are Frozen Dinners Really Healthy?

Walk down any frozen food aisle, and you'll see a boatload of TV dinners advertising their "low-calorie" and "low-fat" content. But are these microwave meals really that healthy?

The Only Asanas You Need to Experience Emotional Breakthroughs

Yoga not only stretches your body—it can also challenge your mind. In fact, some hip and heart openers have become notorious for unleashing emotional breakthroughs—tears, even. Here's how to harness their power for yourself.

These 5 Superfood Chocolate Bars Put Plain Old Milk Chocolate To Shame

It seems like half the studies released these days have something positive to say about dark chocolate: It's good for the heart, boosts happiness, and even reduces stress. But not all chocolate bars are created equal—you've got to stick to the good stuff, like these superfood bars.

8 Eco-Friendly DIYs For The Spookiest Halloween Decorations Ever

Forget the plastic jack-o-lanterns and sticky cobwebs—these DIY decorations made from recycled and natural materials are definitely the most festive way to enjoy the holiday.

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