Perfect Pour-Over Coffee Made Easy with Copper Cow Coffee

Last Update: November 2, 2023

So you want to up your coffee game, but you’re intimidated by the complex process, the special equipment, and the extra time it adds to your already-packed AM routine.

Copper Cow Coffee just may be the morning ritual you never knew you always needed. The brand makes convenient, single-use, pour over coffee packets filled with organic coffee ethically sourced from Vietnam, as well as naturally flavored sweetened condensed milk (the magic ingredient for an authentically luscious Vietnamese iced latte). The result is high-end coffee, demystified—and ready in moments.

Meet Copper Cow Coffee

In a crowded coffee industry, founder Debbie Wei Mullin offers a new point of view with Copper Cow Coffee’s pour over coffee and latte kits in the traditional Vietnamese style.

“I grew up in the Bay Area in a Vietnamese household, which meant I grew up both with the emergence of third-wave coffee as well as traditionally brewed Vietnamese coffee at home and at Vietnamese restaurants,” Mullin shares. A fan of both the Vietnamese coffee tradition and the depth of flavor she experienced in a cup from popular third-wave roasters like Blue Bottle or Philz Coffee, she realized there was a gap in the market. “Once I found out that Vietnam was actually the second largest coffee producer in the world, I wondered why there wasn’t a third-wave coffee expression of my own family’s pastime available in the U.S.”

Mullin explains that coffee was introduced to Vietnam during the French occupation, so it’s typically grown for a dark French roast. The region’s soil profile results in coffee varietals with rich mocha and nutty undertones that Mullin says pair particularly well with sweetened condensed milk. “I always joke that Vietnamese coffee is the gateway coffee,” she says. “Even if you didn’t drink coffee before, prepare to be hooked.”

Vietnamese coffee is the gateway coffee. Even if you didn’t drink coffee before, prepare to be hooked.

One defining characteristic of third-wave coffee roasters is an emphasis on sustainable sourcing and ethical supply chains; Mullin knew it was essential to get that part right. “Vietnam is new to the specialty coffee space, and how we work with our farmers continues to evolve as we scale,” she says, adding that Copper Cow Coffee is focused on both the environmental and social aspects of coffee production. “Today, we source our coffee from a farmer co-op who we pay twice [the] market rates to adhere to coffee processing standards, which focus on removing harmful chemicals in coffee processing.”

So how does a coffee expert fix her cup? “Lately, I’ve been drinking a vanilla coffee [with] no creamer in the morning,” she says. “If I drink a second cup in the afternoon I always add one of our sweet creamers.” No matter which blend she’s sipping on a given day, a cup of pour over coffee is a non-negotiable. “Coffee is the most consistent part of my morning ritual, especially because I have an 8-month-old baby at home, so every morning looks a little different,” Mullin says. “The most common schedule is, my son gets up at 6 am and the first thing I do is turn on my kettle. We make a pour-over coffee together in a to-go mug and we go on a morning walk together.”

Pick up one of Copper Cow Coffee’s Pour Over or naturally flavored Latte Kits and follow the steps below to make a cafe-worthy drink that will complement your personal morning ritual—no special equipment (or skills) required.

How to Make the Perfect Vietnamese Pour-Over Coffee

A good cup of pour over coffee starts with the best ingredients, and Copper Cow Coffee’s Just Black Pour Over Set is exactly that. Each ready-to-brew filter is filled with the perfect amount of organic, sustainably grown, ethically sourced Vietnamese ground coffee with complex notes of mocha and spice. Just add water (literally).

Step 1: The Set-Up

Each Copper Cow Coffee Pour Over Set comes with five filters filled with ground coffee. Remove one filter from its packet, tear the bag along the perforated line to open it, then hang it over a mug using the attached wings.

For cold brew, leave the filter unopened and place it in a sealable container, like a Mason jar.

Step 2: The Pour

Pour 1 oz of water over the filter and let the coffee grounds soak for 30 seconds, which will release any CO2 left over from the roasting process. Then, refill the filter with water: 4 to 6 more times for a standard 6 to 8-oz cup of coffee, or just 2 to 3 times for a smaller, stronger, Vietnamese-style cup.

For cold brew, add 6 oz of cold water to your container, seal it, and place it in the refrigerator to brew overnight.

Step 3: The Fixings

Now it’s time to make it your own. Add creamer and/or sweetener as desired, stir, and enjoy!

For cold brew, add ice along with your choice of mix-ins.

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Kirby Stirland

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