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17 Different Types of Coffee

From fun facts for popular types of coffee beans to the myriad types of drinks available (lungo, anyone?), consider this your must-have cup of joe primer.

Curious About Foraging? Start With These 5 Expert Tips

The next time you step into a forest—or simply your local park—pause for a moment and let your senses take over. What do you pick up on? The sing-song calls of birds? The earthy aroma of cut grass? The feeling of the breeze on your skin?

Four Sigmatic’s Herbalist Explains the Health Benefits of Functional Mushrooms

You can find them in coffee and chocolate, skincare and smoothies, tinctures and tonics (and even in your Netflix queue). We’re talking about mushrooms; these humble fungi have outgrown their predictable place in the produce aisle and become a full-fledged wellness obsession. 

Here’s Why Fair Trade Coffee is the Best Choice for National Coffee Day

When you order a cup of coffee at your local cafe, the beans used to make it likely traveled thousands of miles, passed through countless hands, and required an impressive effort to grow, process, roast, and, finally, to brew. Though coffee has been part of the global culture for thousands of years, as the coffee ...

How to Get Energy Without Caffeine

Some people (like Michael Pollan in his new book, This Is Your Mind on Plants) have argued that caffeine powers the modern workforce. If you agree, you probably see your morning cup as an absolute must. But we promise, there are ways to sharpen your mind and get your energy flowing that don’t start with ...

Perfect Pour-Over Coffee Made Easy with Copper Cow Coffee

So you want to up your coffee game, but you’re intimidated by the complex process, the special equipment, and the extra time it adds to your already-packed AM routine.

A Morning at Home with Canyon Coffee’s Newest Ethiopian Coffee

For some people, coffee is something of a necessity, simply as a means to a caffeinated end; for others, it’s almost scientific, filled with complex machinery and heady vocabulary that often excludes the more casual home brewer. Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz, the founders of Canyon Coffee, look at coffee in a different way—and from ...

Empower Farmers & Preserve the Planet with Your Morning Coffee

From precise, temperature-regulated pour-over systems to superfood mix-ins like collagen and adaptogens, your morning coffee ritual is personal—and you probably put a lot of care and effort into making that daily cup just the way you like it.

5 Dairy-Free Coffee Recipes to Try at Home

Is your at-home coffee routine in need of a refresh? Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something simple, these 5 dairy-free recipes are easy and delicious. Give one a try tomorrow morning!

Equal Exchange Remains at the Forefront of the Fair Trade Movement

In celebration of World Fair Trade Day (May 9 this year), we’re spotlighting Equal Exchange, a unique worker-owned company that has been at the forefront of the fair trade movement from its start—but you’d expect nothing less from the first fair trade coffee company in the U.S. Read on to learn how Equal Exchange is ...

Fill Your Free Time With These Fun and Practical DIYs

Whether out of boredom or necessity, now is a great time to try some DIY projects at home. Mix up a creative cocktail or replenish your hairspray without a trip to the store—these projects are fun, easy, and practical. Try one with your kids, or plan to do one via a virtual happy hour with ...

Cashew-Butter Coffee Recipe

Dr. Mark Hyman loves to kick up his morning coffee, and this creamy and frothy 5-minute recipe couldn’t be easier. The idea comes straight from his latest cookbook, “FOOD: What the Heck Should I Cook?” and combines healthy fats with medium-chain triglycerides for a nutritional boost to your morning cup. Cashew-Butter Coffee Yield: 1 serving ...

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