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Sweeten to Taste: A Guide to Sugars and Alternative Sweeteners

There are lots of different types of sugars out there, and just as many sugar alternatives waiting to replace them. Whether you’re looking to cut out sugar entirely, scale back your sugar intake, or even to replace your tried-and-true sugar with a different type of sweetener (monkfruit, anyone?), we’ve assembled a handy guide to help ...

Stevia vs. Sugar

Life is always a little bit sweeter when sugar is involved. Gone are the days when white sugar is the only pick—alternative sweeteners have become increasingly accessible in recent years (and easy to use in your favorite recipes). For those following a ketogenic diet, low-glycemic diet, or are trying to limitda their overall sugar intake, ...

Video: What Is Swerve?

Alternative sweeteners are having a moment, and Swerve is one of the rising stars. This brand is popular with diabetics, keto enthusiasts, and anyone looking to indulge without overdoing it.

Is Monk Fruit the Best Natural Sweetener?

The world of alternative sweeteners is so vast you might feel like you need a tour guide when you start exploring. There are some popular options you’ve probably heard of, like stevia and honey, but today we’re digging into a lesser known pick that’s quickly becoming a sugar-swap darling: monk fruit.

5 Strategies to Permanently Crush Sugar Cravings

I designed the Sugar Impact Diet to help you win the battle against high-impact sugar foods that sabotage your health and weight. A key part of that strategy involves staving off the intense cravings that can derail your best intentions.

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