The Whole30 Snacks You Need with Ashley McCrary

January 14th, 2020

Ashley McCrary discovered the Whole30® program back in 2014 and it completely transformed her life, both physically and mentally. Inspired by the experience, she now shares healthy recipes that are Whole30®, keto, paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free on her blog, Healthy Little Peach. Today, she shares her personal experience with Whole30® to help motivate everyone to achieve food freedom through the program.

What kept you motivated to complete your first Whole30® month even when it felt impossible?

During my first Whole30®, I had the overall goal of becoming something other than the sad person I was. I was completely stuck and needed a change. For me, the goal was to become whole and to learn more about self-care and my worth as a woman. I wanted to put my heart into something that would have total meaning. Completing my first Whole30® left an everlasting positive effect on my life. I am now living a sustainable, healthy life and have lost more than 80 pounds on the program. It allowed me to reconnect with my value, but to also become a better human, mother, wife, and friend. Every aspect of my life is now healthy because the program taught me how to have a positive relationship with food.

What would you tell Thrive Market members who are nearly done with their first Whole30® month and need a little encouragement to finish strong?

Stick with it. True change takes time and work. You don’t eat fruit once the seeds planted. You have to wait until it is in full bloom to enjoy the effects. You won’t change overnight and it won’t be easy. On the hard days, think about why you started and don’t you dare give into your temptations. You are strong and capable of difficult things. The Whole30® program is shaping you to become more whole, if you allow it to.

Any favorite recipes or snacks that helped you make it through?

Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks
Cucumbers and Tessemae’s Ranch Dressing
Thrive Market’s almond butter and berries

How do you prevent yourself from feeling deprived while doing a Whole30® month?

I love writing in my journal, working out and playing with my kids. In addition, I stay extremely busy so I have little time to think about cravings and food.

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