Thomas DeLauer’s Go-To Meals for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Last Update: January 10, 2024

Welcome to What I Eat in a Day, a blog series that showcases the daily lives and meals of Thrive Market members like you. We have talked about the Mark Sisson diet before and today we’re talking with keto expert Thomas DeLauer about his work-from-home routine, life with two young kids, and why healthy living goes beyond physical well-being.


Why is healthy living important to you?

It used to be all about being able to see the world in all its beauty. I had lived many years being unhealthy and overweight and the world just seemed less vibrant and more gray. I live a healthy lifestyle so that the grass is greener and the sky is bluer. Now, I do it so that I can set the example for my children so that they don’t become a statistic—so that they can see the world the way I do now, not 10 years ago at 300 pounds.

What’s your biggest challenge with healthy eating and healthy living?

Convenience and time. Two young kids, busy entrepreneurial life, staying in shape, managing a team. It is easy to let eating take a backseat, but I know I can’t do that!

When you’re not super busy, how would you describe your eating habits?

Very focused. I enjoy the methodical approach to eating well and I enjoy the discipline that is involved. That’s what makes it fun!

Walk us through a typical day of eating.

Generally, I do not eat breakfast because I like to practice intermittent fasting. But usually it’s some black cold brew—that allows me to get my workout started and kick off the day.

After my workout, if it is not a fasting day, I will have three whole eggs and one extra yolk for the good fats. Sometimes I’ll also add some extra ground chicken into an egg scramble. I always throw a good green in there too, usually bok choy or baby kale.

Lunchtime is much more convenient. Usually a can or two of unsalted Wild Planet Canned Chicken. I’ll mix that up with some Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo and Thrive Market Dijon Mustard, and have it alongside some Epic Pork Rinds… Yummy!

Dinner is where my wife shines. Our go-to lately has been a lean ground beef burger with mashed cauliflower, which she seasons up with some Redmond Real Salt and other seasonings. Dinner really varies—my wife is such an amazing cook and Thrive Market really allows us to get so much awesome goodness to throw in there!

You just welcomed a baby girl into your family. How has that changed what you eat in a day?

BUSY! The time I used to have for planning is now spent planning while holding a newborn and listening to a very talkative toddler! So I eat a tad different—I’m leaning on pantry foods more. What that looks like: canned sardines, chicken, and tuna. Also my Chomps sticks are a go-to. We’re definitely focusing more convenience while trying not to cave to sugar!

How are you keeping your son entertained?

Lots of walking and playing! It is not a burden—it is more about taking advantage of the fact that he wants to get me up and moving more. Plus, it’s an easy way to get my steps in!

What are his favorite snacks right now?

He is more a fan of Chomps sticks and any kind of cauliflower crackers from From The Ground Up.

Any tips for parents who are in a similar situation?

Don’t be afraid of convenience foods that are healthy, as long as you do your due diligence. Avoid soybean oil.

The problem is constantly snacking. Try to consolidate your eating, even if it is convenience food. The consolidation of eating is much better than constantly snacking and sending signals to your brain and body that you have a steady food supply. Let it tap into its stored resources now and then.

Which moments of your day bring you the most joy?

Hearing my son wake up and say “Oh Daddddddyyyy… time to play!” That stops me in my tracks. Also when my baby girl looks up and smiles with her eyes—it’s such a sweet, sweet moment. I am blessed beyond comparison.

What keeps going when you feel overwhelmed?

My kiddos and a good diet. Things I can control, like my workouts and my nutrition. If I maintain control of those things, then bingo.

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