Real Salt, Sea SaltReal Salt, Sea Salt018788102502Redmond Real Fine Salt is the way nature intended it to be—naturally pink in color with more than 60 trace minerals. When used in moderation, it's the perfect complement to a healthy diet. A sprinkle of this sea salt enhances the flavor of everything from roasted vegetables to homemade soups to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.26 oz pouch
Good salt - by I wanted a salt that I can feel good about using and one that is healthy and helpful. This salt seems to fit both of those ideas. It's super fine and easy to use in a shaker (plus, pink is my favorite color, so a win all around)
Best salt ever - by You can see the trace minerals makes you feel good to use real products
Redmond Sea Salt - by I love salt that is natural and I can feel good about using everyday. I use this salt in much of my cooking.
worth it - by this salt clumps since it doesn't have an anti caking agent but it's worth it to me to keep that ingredient out of my body. just a quick shake of the salt shaker breaks it up.
love this salt - by love the extra fine size of the granuals and the extra minerals

Real Salt, Sea Salt

26 oz pouch