Thrive 5: The Most Effective All-Natural Routines We’ve Tried (So Far)

January 1st, 2016

The Thrive Market editorial team rarely turns down a challenge. If there’s a shot at making our lives happier and healthier, we’re game. Here are some of the most rewarding nutrition and beauty experiments we’ve tried so far—and think you should, too!

An Easy, Effective Smoothie and Supplement Cleanse

Inspired by Get Real Nutrition founder Jordan Rubin’s incredible story about fighting an incurable disease, our editors teamed up for his custom 10-day challenge to see if we too would feel great. Twenty smoothies and some 50 probiotic and omega capsules later, we were believers. Try this invigorating challenge and see if you feel as energized and balanced as we did.

Two Natural Ways to Banish Cellulite in a Week

When exercise, diet, and prayer aren’t enough, it’s time to try health coach–recommended, cellulite-blasting remedies. Brand Editor Courtney Wissot tried body brushing plus a DIY coffee-coconut scrub for a week to see if these two all-natural solutions reduce the appearance of pesky skin dimples.

An Ancient Aztec Face Mask for Clearer Skin

One random Tuesday night, Health and Fitness Editor Michelle Pellizzon tried a beauty routine she’s always been skeptical of: the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. Find out if she agrees with the clay’s claim to be “the world’s most powerful facial.”

Oil Pulling for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Two editors tried the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling, but only one succeeded without gagging. Assistant Managing Editor Annalise Mantz swished melted coconut oil around in her mouth for three nights in a row—and here’s what she and her pearly whites had to say about it.

The ‘No Poo’ Method for the Best Hair Ever

Beauty and Wellness Editor Dana Poblete ditched her daily bottled shampoo and conditioner in an attempt to save her tresses from harmful chemicals. Washing her hair with baking soda and conditioning it with apple cider vinegar, Poblete checked out what the “no poo” fuss is all about.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

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