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Get to Know the Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar With Poppi

Got apple cider vinegar? This multipurpose kitchen staple has a myriad of uses, from aiding in digestion to adding flavor to your favorite homemade salad dressing.  What makes apple cider vinegar different from, say, balsamic vinegar or white vinegar? Does apple cider vinegar really contain as many health benefits as people say? Read on to ...

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Looking for a conditioner that makes your hair soft, shiny, and manageable? You can splurge on a $20 bottle at your salon that’s made with chemical ingredients you don’t recognize, or you can stroll into your kitchen and pick up a bottle of apple cider vinegar, or ACV to create your own DIY apple cider ...

Baking Soda Bath Benefits, Recipes & Tips: Experience the Ultimate Detox

For many people, a relaxing bath at the end of the day is one of the things they look forward to most—being able to unwind and let sore muscles relax in a hot tub can provide a boost to physical and mental health. But have you heard of baking soda bath benefits?

How to Make Plant-Based Mexican Food at Home with Jocelyn Ramirez

Welcome to What I Eat in a Day, a blog series that showcases the daily lives and meals of Thrive Market members like you. Today, we’re talking with Jocelyn Ramirez, a plant-based chef, author, and founder of Todo Verde, a plant-based mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. She’s sharing about the role cooking plays in her ...

How-To: Give Yourself a Gua Sha Facial

Meet your new self-care hero: the at-home gua sha facial. While DIY face masks and baths tend to be the most popular forms of self-care, perhaps facial massage should be added to the ritual routine. The benefits of facial massage—specifically the practice of gua sha—include relieving facial tension, toning facial muscles, boosting circulation, and improving ...

Fill Your Free Time With These Fun and Practical DIYs

Whether out of boredom or necessity, now is a great time to try some DIY projects at home. Mix up a creative cocktail or replenish your hairspray without a trip to the store—these projects are fun, easy, and practical. Try one with your kids, or plan to do one via a virtual happy hour with ...

Creative Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

If you’ve been social distancing for a few weeks now, you may be reaching the point when your kids are beyond the point of being able to entertain themselves. And, if you’re juggling work in addition to childcare, then you’re probably not feeling super creative. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be. Kids ...

Cold + Flu Remedies: What We’re Stocking Up On

Concerns around the spread of the COVID-19 coupled with the common illnesses that hit this time of year mean that staying healthy is top of mind for almost everyone. And while it’s true that cold and flu season is often hard to avoid—especially when you work in an office, have kids in school, or simply ...

Holiday Desserts That Make Great Gifts

These gluten-free desserts are as tasty as they are beautiful, which means they make great gifts. Make a few batches to show your appreciation for all the special people in your life this holiday season.

Refresh Your Kitchen With DIY Garbage Disposal Pods

If you’ve ever turned on the garbage disposal switch only to be greeted by a not-so-pleasant odor coming from the kitchen sink, then we’ve got a DIY recipe to freshen things up—fast! This easy recipe combines laundry powder with a few pantry staples like baking soda and salt. We like the refreshing, citrusy notes of ...

Homemade Cough Drops, Plus 2 More DIY Cold Remedies

Want to find some quick cough relief with all-natural ingredients? Easy. Try these three DIY remedies next time you come down with a pesky cold and make your own homemade cough drops.

Support Immunity With These Easy DIY Vitamin C Gummies

Battling a bug? Eat raw honey for beneficial antioxidants and enzymes.

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