Tip of the Week: The Simple, Genius Trick to Removing Pomegranate Seeds

January 27, 2016
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
Tip of the Week: The Simple, Genius Trick to Removing Pomegranate Seeds

Fresh-from-the-tree pomegranates are one of winter’s biggest perks. Every tiny seed releases a satisfying burst of that sweet, tart juice, which happens to be packed with heart-healthy antioxidants.

But anyone who has ever tried to enjoy a whole pomegranate at home knows that separating the fleshy, white part of the fruit from the seeds takes forever. And that’s not to mention the crimson juice that pours out when you slice one open—staining your hands, clothes, and possibly your entire kitchen in the process.

Thankfully, there’s one foolproof method that not only easily separates the seeds from the flesh but also keeps the juice contained. All you need is plain old H2O.

First, cut the pomegranate in half and fill a bowl with cold water. Working over the bowl, pry the seeds out with your fingers, allowing them to fall into the water. Once you’ve removed all the seeds, toss the skin.

Here’s the genius part: The white pith will float, while the tasty seeds will sink. Skim the pith off the top of the water, then strain contents. And there you have it—tasty pomegranate seeds, white pith removed, after just a few minutes of work, and no mess!

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

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