Cork Yoga BlockCork Yoga Block895828002509Enhance your yoga practice and help improve your alignment with this natural cork block—offering strong, stable support. Featuring round edges for comfort and a gripping surface for hands and floors to help you get deeper into your poses. It’s made with cork, a renewable resource that’s safely harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak.1 each
sturdy and supportive - by Love these blocks for my arm balances! The cork absorbs sweat and helps keep grip, the blocks are solid and also offer great resistance weight for other yoga drills
Great for my hips - by Great for mt hips
Perfect Size - by Perfect size for my yoga workout. Ecco friendly makes me happy too! Namaste.
Nice and solid but heavy - yoga blocks - by I'm using yoga blocks and other props because I am SO NOT FLEXIBLE. I had some foam ones years ago, but they got lost in the shuffle after a couple of moves. I've been using large books as blocks for a while, but these cork ones are much better/more stable. They're just kind of heavy for me - I'm in my late 60s and am still recovering from heart surgery. I'm taking an adaptive yoga class and hope to get stronger.
yes exactly correct - by so sturdy and well made ! idk how ! i’m honestly wondering how cork is sustainable now uh oh ! but the cork yoga blocks were already made and distributed long before i could b worried about the world’s cork supply. but all in all
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Cork Yoga Block

1 each
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