DIY Vegan Food Wraps

April 26th, 2019

If you’re keen on limiting your reliance plastic wrap, this DIY project is the perfect place to start. Today we’re showing you how to make your very own food wraps from vegan materials—and they’ll last you an entire year. You can use them to wrap blocks of cheese, sandwiches, fruit, or cookies to go.

DIY Vegan Food Wraps

What you need

Candelilla wax flakes
Jojoba oil
Cotton fabric of choice, washed and dried (see below for size guidelines)
Parchment paper


Measure out your cloths to the desired size and trim any loose threads from the outer edges. (You can also use pinking shears around the edges to help reduce fraying.)

Fabric size recommendations:

  • Small: 7 x 8-inch
  • Medium: 10 x 11-inch
  • Large: 13 x 14-inch
  • Extra large for bread loaves: 14 x 16-inch

For larger pieces of fabric, mix 3 tablespoons wax and 1 teaspoon jojoba oil in a bowl. Lay a piece of parchment paper larger than the fabric on an ironing board, then lay the fabric right side up. Sprinkle wax mixture over the top of the fabric and cover with a second piece of parchment paper.

Using the iron’s dry hot setting, start at one corner and iron fabric back and forth in segments. (The wax will melt and spread onto the fabric.) Continue ironing until all wax is melted. Remove the top piece of parchment. If there are any spots that are dry and wax-free, break off any wax along the edges and place onto dry parts. Top with parchment and iron again. Peel fabric off parchment. Break off any wax on the edges and allow the cloth to dry for 2 minutes. Hand wash in cold water using a mild, gentle soap; hang to dry. Wraps last for 1 year; wash as needed.

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