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DIY Vegan Food Wraps

If you’re keen on limiting your reliance plastic wrap, this DIY project is the perfect place to start. Today we’re showing you how to make your very own food wraps from vegan materials—and they’ll last you an entire year. You can use them to wrap blocks of cheese, sandwiches, fruit, or cookies to go.

Get Hooked on Thrive Market’s Sustainably Caught Canned Seafood

At Thrive Market, we don’t think a pantry is sufficiently stocked unless you could easily throw together a delicious, well-balanced, and nutritious meal with what’s inside. It’s one of the reasons why canned seafood can be such a valuable staple…and it was only a matter of time before we launched our own line!

How to Prevent Freezer Burn

To prevent freezer burn, let food cool then wrap tightly in tinfoil or plastic wrap or squeeze all the air out of a ziplock bag.

Attention Parents: These 5 Easy, Make-Ahead Freezer Meals Will Save You Tons of Time

There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal—in terms of taste and nutrition. You know exactly what ingredients went into every bite, and can make it just the way you like it. Of course, slaving away over a hot stove isn’t always possible, especially when you’re about to become a new parent.

9 Easy Lunch Packing Tips That’ll Put Take-Out to Shame

Going out for lunch almost always sounds better than making a sandwich or eating leftovers from last night. But that’s not always the healthiest—or most wallet-friendly—way to go. The best way to avoid takeout temptation? Pack a lunch you’ll be excited to eat. It doesn’t need to be fancy—follow along with these tips, and you’ll ...

Kitchen Hack: How to Quick-Pickle (Almost) Any Vegetable

Maybe it goes back to memories of reading “Little House on the Prairie,” when Laura would help Ma preserve the summer harvest to eat throughout the winter—but there’s something comforting about a jar of pickles. Though they seem quaint and old-fashioned now, homemade pickled veggies were a pantry staple in those days—just like salted beef ...

Can You Freeze Butter? Sure, Pro Bakers Always Do

Try baking with frozen butter for the fluffiest cookies and flakiest pie crusts.

4 Genius Ways to Stretch Any Meal—And Save Time And Money

Other than cold pizza, do leftovers ever sound appetizing? Reheating and repeating three nights in a row doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of dinner plans most people look forward to.  

The Surprising Guide To the Real Shelf Life of Refrigerated Food

In cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, that dream apartment or incredible house for rent might come with one caveat: there’s a gaping hole in the kitchen where a refrigerator should be.

Kitchen Hack: The Best Way to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

There’s nothing more disheartening than gleefully taking that big, juicy, fire engine red tomato out of the fridge, only to discover it tastes like…nothing.

Kitchen Hack: A Simple Jam to Make The Most of Summer’s Bounty

All year, the patient gardener tends to his trees, vines, and plants. Watering, waiting, weeding, looking for the first sign of a sprout or a bud. And finally, months later, the fruits of his labor begin to appear—all at once.

Kitchen Hack: Preserving Fresh Fruit In The Freezer

Who doesn’t long for locally grown succulent blueberries, firm plums, and crisp apples all year round?

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