Healthy Obsession: Pass the (Maldon) Salt, Please!

October 20th, 2015

It’s true: Here at Thrive Market HQ, we’re guilty of stashing boxes of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes at our desks. That’s because no meal is complete without at least a sprinkle (or two).

Each crystal bursts with fresh, intense flavor that adds just the right depth to even the most bland foods. We’re serious: Just one pinch of this stuff can turn the most ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

Larger than the average grain of table salt, these flakes deliver bigger, better (and less bitter!) flavor and crunch. They’re so tasty, we suggest you sprinkle them as the finishing touch on everything from avocado toast to steamed veggies and let them steal the show.

You’ll find this MVP ingredient in a wide range of our recipes, including these Spiced Apple Oat Cookies or these savory Carrot Pancakes with Sorrel Pesto and Fried Egg.

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Courtney Wissot

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