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A Home Cook’s Guide to Salts

Any home cook worth their salt knows this ingredient is a non-negotiable kitchen staple. After all, a simple pinch can make everything from mushrooms to meat do one important and profoundly simple thing: taste like the best version of itself. But which salt is best? With myriad options to choose from these days, the basic ...

Kosher Salt vs. Sea Salt: What’s the Difference?

You can’t cook without salt. Professional chefs and home cooks know this to be true, but which salt is best, and what is the difference between kosher salt and sea salt? These are two of the most popular salts in recipes, but they’re not always interchangeable. Keep reading to learn when to add a pinch ...

Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt

Adding a pinch of salt to your favorite dishes isn’t as simple as grabbing the nearest salt shaker. This ingredient is one of the most essential components of any kitchen, and these days there are myriad choices. Do you choose gray salt, Himalayan salt, table salt, or kosher salt? Before you make your pick, it’s ...

35 Foods for a Low Sodium Foods List & Diet

Let’s start with the bad news: too much sodium is a healthy diet no-no. But the good news is there are lots of ways to reduce your intake of this essential mineral (and you don’t even need to revisit memories of high school chemistry to understand all the nuances). Keep reading and we’ll walk you ...

Sugar, Salt, and Fat: Why We Just Can’t Quit Junk Food

Did you know that Coca Cola calls its most loyal fan base “heavy users?” If this somewhat derogatory term evokes images of kids strung out on sugar chugging a can of Coke, that exact scenario is just what Big Food corporations are banking on.

Healthy Obsession: Pass the (Maldon) Salt, Please!

It’s true: Here at Thrive Market HQ, we’re guilty of stashing boxes of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes at our desks. That’s because no meal is complete without at least a sprinkle (or two).

Sugar, Salt and Fat: A Guide to Three Essential Nutrients [UPDATED]

The litany of foods to avoid can seem never ending: sugar, salt, fat, carbs, dairy, nuts, gluten, and on and on. Are they all really so bad for us? The truth is, they’re not—not for all of us, anyway.

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