ICYMI: The Best Banana Pudding Plus a Surprising Cure For Depression

September 18, 2015
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
ICYMI: The Best Banana Pudding Plus a Surprising Cure For Depression

Around Thrive HQ, we can get a serious case of FOMO (that's "fear of missing out"). That's why we want to share some of our favorites from this week.

Among our picks, you'll find a truly mind blowing meatball recipe, an easy way to make your own eyeliner, and the best way to tell whether or not a snack bar is really good for you.

Heal Your Stomach, Cure Depression?

Probiotics aren't just good for gut health—new research shows these beneficial bacteria may actually be able to cure depression.

The Unusual Trick to Making DIY Eyeliner

Wave goodbye to chemical-filled drugstore makeup. Oddly enough, you can make your own clean and safe eyeliner out of almonds!

What Could Be Better Than Caramelized Banana Pudding?

Instead of the traditional Nilla wafers, this banana pudding uses a crunchy almond topping. The best part? It's totally gluten-free!

Finally, a Treat You Can Share With Your Dog (Really!)

Humans and canines alike can enjoy these DIY dog treats made with peanut butter, coconut flour, and pumpkin.

Ask a Nutrition Expert: How To Pick a Food Bar

Is that meal replacement bar really healthy? We polled a few experts to find out.

These Meatballs Will Give Grandma's Some Serious Competition

Channel your inner Italian and whip up a batch of these spicy meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. Talk about yum!

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