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This Gut-Friendly Fermented Cranberry Sauce Will Ease Your Holiday Digestion Woes

The classic Thanksgiving feast can be hard on the digestive system, but this modern take on cranberry sauce may be the solution. Instead of just acting as a tart, sweet something to accompany your turkey, this gut-friendly cranberry sauce recipe adds something extra: a much-appreciated dose of probiotics to support your digestion. Los Angeles-based cook ...

What Is SIBO?

Stomach trouble is no fun. From an indulgent restaurant meal to traveling across time zones, our digestive systems are often put to the test. While it’s perfectly normal to experience digestive upset now and again, persistent and uncomfortable symptoms may be alerting you to something more chronic like SIBO. While often a complication of stomach ...

How Poppi Plans to Take On Big Soda With Their Gut-Friendly Beverages

For dedicated soda drinkers, there’s nothing quite like grabbing an ice-cold can, popping the top, and taking that first fizzy sip. The 39 grams of sugar in the average can of Coke, however, is something of a buzzkill.  Enter Poppi: a better-for-you beverage brand whose founder is on a mission to transform the soda industry ...

Thriving Outside the Box with Danielle Walker: An Author and Mom Who Believes Food Can Heal

Thrive Market is more than an online grocery store; it’s a community of over 1 million members and 500 employees with their own unique stories. Our members are parents and teachers, first responders and climate activists, artists and athletes—all doing healthy their way. We thought it was time to celebrate them, so welcome to Thriving ...

How to Improve Digestion with Erica Zellner of Parsley Health

The last thing anyone wants to worry about during the holidays is moderation—including, believe it or not, a certified health coach and gut health expert.  “The holidays are a time to really enjoy some delicious foods and time with friends and family,” says Erica Zellner, MS, CNS, LDN, and Senior Health Coach at Parsley Health, ...

Why Revive Wants to Help You End Your Soda Habit (and Improve Your Gut Health)

Drinking kombucha and taking probiotic supplements may help you find that optimal balance of bacteria in your gut, but adding them to your diet can feel more like a chore than a treat. Revive had something different in mind when they set out to make a brand of sparkling probiotic beverages more than 10 years ...

4 AIP Diet Recipes from Functional Medicine Expert Chris Kresser

Fatigue. Chronic pain. Digestive issues. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms regularly, a possible culprit is autoimmunity, a general term for conditions in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body’s own cells, tissues, and organs. One in 5 Americans suffers from an autoimmune disorder, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Foundation—so if ...

What Does “Certified Gluten-Free” Mean?

It is encouraging, and potentially confusing, to see tons of gluten-free pasta on grocery store shelves. Some of the brands are simply “gluten-free,” some are “Certified Gluten-Free,” and some are fully “grain-free.” So, if you just want to make some easy-to-digest fusilli and chill out at home, what’s your best bet? How do you distinguish ...

The 5 Things Giada De Laurentiis Does Daily to Stay Balanced

Most people know Giada De Laurentiis for her indulgent Italian dishes—which she’s been preparing on TV screens for decades—and maybe also the charming way she has of peppering her speech with Italian pronunciations. (Mozzarella has a particularly delightful way of rolling off her tongue.)

Boost Your Gut Health on the Keto Diet With ORGANIC INDIA’s Psyllium Husk

The keto diet’s claim to fame is its swift results. Studies have shown that people who follow the diet experience rapid weight loss within the first two to three weeks of committing to keto, along with effects like appetite reduction and ridding excess water from the body.

Balance Your Hormones Naturally with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca, triple board-certified, Emory University-trained physician and hormone expert, has helped countless women heal the nine most common symptoms of menopause with natural, safe solutions. In her new book, “The Hormone Fix,” Cabeca helps women utilize the Keto Green diet to tap into unimagined energy sources, burn fat naturally, and more. In this ...

The Truth About Caffeine Withdrawals

“I think my interest in it is deeply psychological,” says Catherine Manzanares, Thrive Market’s Content Marketing Manager. “I use it as an excuse to wake up.”

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