Indoor Summer Activities to Mix up Your Quarantine Routine

Last Update: June 2, 2023

So you’ve baked an irresponsible amount of bread, made some regrettable hair decisions, and exhausted your Netflix queue. Our quarantine days may be routine, but they’re anything but normal. If you’re itching to mix up your routine this summer and try some new activities, this list is for you.

Indoor Games & DIY Projects

Do you have limited outdoor space or simply want a way to escape the summer heat? Here are some activities that can be enjoyed from the comfort of the great indoors.


Demand for games has soared over the past few months, and the reasons why aren’t so puzzling. Jigsaw puzzles improve mindfulness, relieve stress, and may reduce risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Take time away from your screens and hone your focus with one of these beautiful eco-friendly jigsaws, or complete an unconventional 3D brain teaser.

Tie Dye

If you have extra clothes from a recent closet cleanout or want to freshen up a white t-shirt, you can use various spices, vegetables, fruits and flowers to create natural tie-dyes! All you need are gloves, vinegar or salt, water, and raw materials to make dyes such as turmeric, lavender, coffee grounds, tea, onion skins, or blackberries.

Confetti Fireworks

Add some pizzazz to an upcoming celebration with some DIY Confetti Poppers. Plus, these are totally neighbor-friendly.

DIY At-Home Drive In Movie

Can’t make it to the movies this summer? Not to worry. Up your blanket fort game using your spare Thrive Market boxes. Simply use one of our larger boxes, add pillows and blankets, and position the boxes in front of your preferred viewing screen. Whether you’re playing with your kids or want to change up your movie night locale, this is a great way to make an all-too-familiar indoor space feel new. And when the movie ends make sure to repurpose or recycle the boxes! You can also turn your Thrive Market box into train, planes, and automobiles—just take inspiration from our followers on Instagram.

DIY Olympic Games

Though the official Olympics have been postponed, you can still stoke the flames of your competitive side by creating your own DIY tournament. Check out this blog for some inspiration, or create your own events. Don’t have gold medals? Pick up some peach rings for the champions.

Ways to Get Creative in the Kitchen


Get Into a Niche Food Category

There is no better time to get way too into a certain food category. Whether you gravitate towards breads, dips, or baked potatoes, take the time normally spent on commuting to add some flair to basic dishes. How so? Start with spices and seeds. Instead of baking standard white bread, add turmeric and hemp seeds for an added flavor and superfood boost. Next? Try making your go-to recipes in a new way. Instead of chicken tikka masala, try chickpea tikka masala. Experiment with different ways of eating—not only will you be trying something new, but you’ll also be expanding your culinary experiences.

Weird Food Combo Challenge

Challenge your fellow hunker-downers to see who can come up with the wackiest, most delicious food combinations—then award points for originality and yum factor. Check out some inspiration here. This also makes for a great Zoom happy hour idea—gather your friends and see how creative they can get.

Homemade Ice Pops

Take some time to cool down and indulge with a classic summer treat!

Find New Recipe Inspiration on TikTok

From Dalgona Coffee to Pancake Cereal, TikTok has been churning out some truly delicious ideas to mix up your meals. Check out a few new recipes that you can create using Thrive ingredients!

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Kendall Lowery

Kendall Lowery is a current college student and a lifelong food enthusiast. When she’s not studying, she spends her time playing the flute, finding her next great bite, and working at Thrive Market as Content Contributor.

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