Making the Keto Switch Easy With Thomas DeLauer

July 29th, 2019

Curious about trying the keto diet as a way to get into a healthy routine this fall? Thomas DeLauer has the information you need to succeed. As a keto expert, YouTube star, and nutrition coach, DeLauer has helped countless people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Below, he’s sharing how he plans to kick-start the routines he loves (hint: meditation!) and ways you can feel good on the keto diet.

What does getting “back in session” mean to you?

Getting back in session for me means getting the pantry cleaned out and a full redesign of my habits. My habits are generally good in the summer, but we are in a different mindset. Being on the go means a lot more convenience items that I may replace for more permanent household items come fall, such as cooking and baking staples to make full recipes. I’m always stocking my kitchen using the keto diet filter on Thrive Market—be it snacks or the ingredients I need to prep for the entire week.

What are your favorite daily routines?

Stretching! It’s a huge one for me and energizes me immediately when I wake up. Then it’s my burning morning “cocktail.” I combine one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a dash of cayenne pepper, water, and a pinch of salt. It kickstarts my metabolism and digestion so I feel ready to take on the day.

What are the daily routines you want to get better about (or maybe try) in the fall?

I really want to get back on my meditation game. It’s so good for managing anxiety and general stress—the benefits are truly amazing. I’m excited to get that going again come fall. I also want to limit my snacking by trying to eat more in consolidated meals versus grazing. This is for days when I’m not fasting. You feel fuller for longer, and reduce the chances of feeling guilty for any indulgences that might slip in.

How does Thrive Market make it easy to stick to a new routine?

They make it so easy! I have the essentials that I need always on hand, such as ghee, macadamia nuts, and sardines. I also don’t have to make separate trips to the store that would normally cause me to maybe buy things I shouldn’t just because they’re in front of me.

For someone wanting to try keto this fall, how can they kick-start their routine now?

Get a plan in place and have “keto-mergency” items. These are go-to foods that you only break into when you’re hungry and need a snack. They’re not things you live on, but things that will keep you in keto if you get into a pinch. I’ve curated a kit with a handful of my favorite keto staples and snacks that will keep you stable.

Let’s say you’ve fallen out of ketosis. How can you get back on track?

Write out your plan! What didn’t work last time? What have you heard does work? If something didn’t work with your last plan, make adjustments and start clean. You should not feel ashamed or discouraged because you fell out of ketosis; it’s very common.

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