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The Best Post-Quarantine Diet? Dr. Drew Ramsey Says It’s Not What You Think

The weather is warming, trees are blooming, and amidst it all, there’s a new sign of spring optimism: people are being vaccinated against COVID-19 in growing numbers. But as the country starts opening up and a return to normalcy appears on the horizon, a troubling trend is already brewing. Imagine the annual pressure to shed ...

Find Calm in One Minute with This Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

From the daily challenges of the “new normal” to the nightly news, by now you’ve probably noticed that the arrival of 2021 didn’t exactly erase all the stress of 2020. While you can’t do much about what’s going on around you, what is within your control is how you react—which means having a few coping ...

Find Peace at Home: Setting Up a Space to Recharge

For many of us, personal space is at a premium these days. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out, it’s time to create more peace at home. Since we’re spending so much time indoors, even small shifts like moving a candle to your nightstand or trying a new tea blend can go a ...

Gummies, Sprays, Oils, or Capsules? Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney on Finding the Best Hemp Extract Product for You

Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, ND is a naturopathic medicine advisor for PlusCBD Oil, a company specializing in high-quality hemp extract products. Read our interview with her to learn how she got into naturopathic medicine, her favorite PlusCBD Oil product, and the five things to consider when buying a hemp extract product.

Curl Up With 5 Adaptogenic Tea Lattes

Here’s a different tea latte recipe for each day of the workweek. Whether you favor the sweet scent of rose or nutty flavors of almond and turmeric, every recipe features adaptogens—herbs that are believed to help your body respond to stress. This special class of plants may have a normalizing effect on the body, which ...

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

For many people, a trip to Hawaii evokes images of paradise—the pristine, crystal waters and bottomless mai tais. Others might be consumed thinking about the 2,500 miles of open ocean between it and the mainland that a plane could potentially crash into, never to be found again.

VIDEO: Shut Down Anxiety in 5 Minutes With This Guided Meditation

You’re running for your life through a burning building—someone or something fearsome is hot on your heels. Gasping for air, you feel the floor give out beneath your feet. This is your brain on anxiety, according to people who’ve experienced panic attacks.

VIDEO: Having a Meltdown? Here Are 6 Ways to Ease Anxiety—Fast

When your mind starts racing and your body feels tight—almost paralyzed—and you don’t have a second or the willpower to figure out what to do next: That’s anxiety.

2 Easy Meditation Practices to Soothe Holiday Heartache

As we get ready to see our families over the holidays, we often put pressure on ourselves to uphold certain expectations. Getting inundated with advertisements encouraging us to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need doesn’t help.

4 Non-Traditional Ways to Meditate That Really Work

The zone. Flow state. Transcendence. Regardless of whatever it’s called, everyone from billionaire CEOs to professional athletes to college-aged kids are trying to reach the ultimate plane of efficiency and calm.

How Working Overtime Is Ruining Your Life

The clock strikes 7, the sky is already turning dark purple. Forget about dinner—now it’s “Put the kids to bed, honey, I’ll be home when I can.”

4 Deadly Negative Emotions—and How to Transform Them

Honking your way down the freeway, Facebook stalking your frenemies, and that stomach-churning feeling of never-ending anxiety could be killing you slowly. Whether you realize (or admit) it or not, negative emotions crop up on the daily. When these feelings aren’t dealt with, they can take a toll on your health. Consider any single moment ...

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