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Olive Oil vs. Canola Oil

Olive oil and canola oil are both common cooking oils that are often side by side on the grocery store shelf, but that’s essentially where the similarities stop. Both have something to offer, though, which is why we’re breaking down their key differences, benefits, and sharing tips for how to use them effectively with your ...

A Home Cook’s Guide to Salts

Any home cook worth their salt knows this ingredient is a non-negotiable kitchen staple. After all, a simple pinch can make everything from mushrooms to meat do one important and profoundly simple thing: taste like the best version of itself. But which salt is best? With myriad options to choose from these days, the basic ...

Is Canola Oil Healthy?

Most of us don’t grow up seeing canola on the dinner table the way we might see, say, a jar of olives. So canola oil naturally raises questions that olive, walnut, and coconut oils don’t. For example: What is canola oil made of? How is the oil made? By the time the oil winds up ...

Olive Oil vs. Butter

Where do you fall in the great butter versus olive oil debate? Many butter enthusiasts consider themselves purists who wouldn’t dare compromise flavor just to cut down on saturated fat while olive oil devotees point to the celebrated health benefits (hello, antioxidants!) of the pantry favorite. So which cooking must-have ranks supreme? The good news ...

Cooking With Turmeric: Benefits, Recipes & Uses

Though it’s sometimes confused with saffron thanks to its bright golden color, turmeric is actually a member of the ginger family and has a long medicinal and culinary history. But it wasn’t until recently that this ancient Ayurvedic remedy was globally recognized and celebrated for all its healthful properties (not to mention delicious flavor). Ready ...

Your Guide to Cooking With Herbs

Wanna know the fastest way to recreate global flavors at home? Herbs! Every bunch has the power to transform your dish, and can do a lot more than serve as garnish. To celebrate all things green and leafy, here’s your definitive guide for cooking with herbs all year long.

Is Eating Raw Cookie Dough Safe?

There are few guilty pleasures as satisfying as sneaking in a spoonful of raw cookie dough while baking. In fact, the tradition is so popular that there are even ice cream flavors and candy bars modeled after this DIY treat. But is it really safe?

What Is Kosher Salt?

When it comes to kitchen staples and recipe ingredient lists, few items are as common as salt.

How to Cook Lobster Tails

Buttered lobster tails, lobster sushi rolls, lobster mac and cheese—the possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking this delicious seafood.

How to Cook a Ham

Ham isn’t just for holiday dinners anymore. A delicious, juicy cut can make its way into meals at any time of the year, with a wow factor that is plain undeniable.

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Here’s a riddle for you: What vegetable is a key ingredient in festive holiday pies, creamy orange lattes, and Instagram-worthy toasts?

How to Make Eggs and Bacon in a Paper Bag and 16 More Campfire Cooking Ideas

The tents have been staked, the sleeping bags unrolled. Logs crackle on the fire, smoke wafts through the crisp mountain air.

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