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Thrive Market’s New Organic Pork Program Puts Animal Welfare First

Expanding on our assortment of ethically sourced meat and seafood, we’re excited to announce Thrive Market’s brand new organic pork program. And this isn’t just any pork: ours comes from small family farms that take care of their animals, their workers, and the environment in tandem.  Read on to learn more about how we source ...

How a Family-Run Farm Nurtures its Animals and its Community

When David Pitman says he intends to “brainwash his kids” into poultry farming, he’s joking…kind of. 

Regenerative Brand Roundup: How Regenerative Agriculture Supports a Better Food Future

While it is possible for individuals to make change, it’s a whole lot easier when people band together. When it comes to something as impactful as changing our long-standing food systems, more and more forward-thinking brands know that regenerative agriculture is our best bet for a sustainable food future — and by forming organizations like ...

Here’s Why Fair Trade Coffee is the Best Choice for National Coffee Day

When you order a cup of coffee at your local cafe, the beans used to make it likely traveled thousands of miles, passed through countless hands, and required an impressive effort to grow, process, roast, and, finally, to brew. Though coffee has been part of the global culture for thousands of years, as the coffee ...

Farmer Cee of Green Heffa Farms Grows Organic Hemp with Heart & Soul

If you visit Clarenda Stanley, AKA Farmer Cee, at her farm in Liberty, North Carolina, you might hear the soulful sounds of Erykah Badu or Bill Withers drifting across the field. Or, you might hear something a little more…spirited. Stanley plays music for her plants, and like any skilled farmer, she knows exactly what they ...

Organic vs. Non-Organic: What’s the Difference?

Ask three people why they bought organic groceries, and you’re likely to get three different answers. One person might want to shrink their carbon footprint, while another insists that organic baby food offers the best nutrition for little ones. The perceived benefits of organic food are pretty much endless, making it harder to separate what’s ...

Grecian Gold: Our Search for the Best Olive Oil

When Jeremiah McElwee first sampled what would become Thrive Market’s best-selling Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it was with a sense of ceremony. Having received a sample fresh off the production line in Greece, he opened the jar and poured a puddle of oil—vibrant green, with an earthy aroma—into a small white plate. He tore ...

Can Regenerative Agriculture Help Heal the Planet?

Stocking your kitchen with organically grown, ethically sourced food is a noble endeavor — not only for your well-being, but for the good of the planet and its people. Unfortunately, it can also be pretty confusing, thanks to marketing efforts (commonly known as “greenwashing“) that seek to give products a halo of health through the ...

These Macadamia Nuts are Empowering Kenyan Farmers

At the base of Mount Kenya, the volcanic soil is orange-red and rich with nutrients. Small-scale farmers have grown macadamia nuts in this region since the 1970s, but they haven’t always received a fair price for their buttery, crunchy, nutrient-rich product.

Dr. Bronner’s Sources 100 Percent of Its Organic Hemp Seed Oil From U.S. Farmers—Here’s Why That Matters

On June 9, 2020, Dr. Bronner’s announced that 100 percent of their organic hemp seed oil for its soaps and other products is sourced in the U.S. We chatted with Nancy Metcalf, Marketing Campaign Manager at Dr. Bronner’s, about this incredible accomplishment.

Meet Moringa: Kuli Kuli’s Superfood Addressing Climate Change

Kuli Kuli’s Moringa is more than just a superfood. In addition to its nutritional value, moringa is one of the most climate-smart crops—the trees grow quickly, are resilient to drought and climate change, can regenerate soil nutrients, and contain leaves that are packed with protein and amino acids. We chatted with the Kuli Kuli team ...

Understanding Regenerative Farming Compared to Biodynamic & Organic

Certified organic. Regenerative farming [1]. Biodynamic certification [2]. If you’ve been on the pulse of the food movement in recent years, you’ve likely heard about each of these practices and maybe even made an effort to shop for them when you can. But what’s the difference between regenerative farming versus Biodynamic, or Biodynamic versus organic? ...

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