The Fridge, the Trash, the Diaper Pail—Conquer Smells With One Genius Eco-Friendly Product

December 12th, 2017

What can grow more than two feet in a single day and reach a height of 60-feet in only three months? Moso bamboo! This eco-friendly plant is the star behind EverBamboo, a company dedicated to keeping your shoes, drawers, and closets fresh and odor-free.

It all started when K.B. Lee traveled to Asia and discovered the deodorizing properties of bamboo charcoal for himself. “It struck me that most people in North America were using air freshener sprays around the home, which are often filled with chemicals. Here was a sustainable, natural, and effective solution,” he shared.

Moso bamboo matures over the course of five years and works as a deodorizer and dehumidifier thanks to millions of tiny holes that are created in the porous trunk. For K.B., the eco-friendly factor was an important element. “I believe we have a duty to take care of our environment so future generations can enjoy it, and small details like eco-friendly products can make a big difference in the world.”

K.B. was excited to introduce bamboo’s ancient benefits to a modern market (bamboo has been cultivated in Asia for centuries), but transitioning from a traveler with a good idea to business owner happened slowly, after K.B. attended a trade show and met a bamboo charcoal supplier. “Initially I was just selling at festivals, then branched out into local retailers. Within a few years, we were across Canada and started selling in the U.S.”

When we asked K.B. what keeps him motivated (because let’s face it, starting a company from the ground up is hard work!) he said the raving reviews from customers drive him and his team. “From a teenage boy who could take off his sneakers inside a friend’s house without embarrassment, to a parent who uses our product to freshen diaper pails, to a who can now enjoy kimchi without having the whole kitchen smell like it—these are the reasons we do what we do,” K.B. said.

Thrive Market members are big fans and use these deodorizers all over their houses. Here are six ideas of where to stash yours!

  • In the fridge and freezer
  • In your gym bag
  • Dropped into the bottom of diaper pails or trash cans
  • Use as a dehumidifier in drawers, cabinets, and closets
  • Keep pet areas fresh
  • Place in the garage, basement, or other storage areas

Ready to give bamboo a try in your home? Stock up at and start breathing easy.

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