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5 Back-to-School Tips to Make Healthy Habits Fun and Easy

The transition from summer into the back-to-school season means a return to routine, for parents and children alike. This is a great opportunity to introduce new healthy and sustainable habits for kids!

5 Sustainable Brands on How They’re Reducing Plastic Waste

How much single-use plastic do you go through in a day? Every drinking straw, bottle of shampoo, produce bag, or set of takeout cutlery adds up: to 300 million tons of plastic waste per year, the vast majority of which is produced by the United States. Globally, only 9% of plastic waste actually gets recycled, ...

Thrive Market 2021 Impact Report at a Glance: Our Biggest Wins for People & Planet

Every year, we’re dedicated to furthering our mission of providing healthy and affordable groceries to all — and we’re aware of the ways our environmental and social impact is inextricably linked to that cause. It’s all connected, and we’re firmly committed to making healthy food accessible to all in a way that’s better for everyone, from ...

Low-Waste Pulled Chicken Tacos Recipe

It’s better to toss your food scraps in the compost bin than the trash, but what’s even better than that? Repurposing them into dinner. 

Simple, Impactful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

With more time at home than ever before over the past year, maybe you planted a garden for the very first time.  Maybe you made your groceries last a bit longer than you’re used to, experimenting with ingredients and stretching your grocery budget in fun, new ways.  Maybe you took the time to look inward ...

Recycle or Upcycle: Everything You Need to Know About Our Sustainable Packaging

These days, you can get pretty much anything shipped directly to your door. And while that convenience is tough to beat, it often comes with a steep cost to the planet.

How Alaffia’s Fair Trade Commitment Helps Locals in West Africa

We recently shared how skin care brand Alaffia uses shea—one of West Africa’s most sustainable resources—as its star ingredient, and today we’re going deeper into the company’s commitment to fair trade. “We ensure everyone who participates in making the product along the way is being treated fairly, and that the raw ingredients are chemical-free,” shares ...

Sir Kensington’s Co-founder Scott Norton Shares the Story Behind the Brand’s New Vegan Mayos

Sir Kensington’s is excited to bring a new line of vegan mayos to Thrive Market members this month. We recently caught up with Scott Norton, the brand’s co-founder, who said the new products epitomize how the brand prioritizes sustainability in every business decision it makes.

Thrive Market & Surfrider Foundation Join Forces to Clean Up the Beach

Recently, a group of more than 50 Thrive Market volunteers—including employees, local members, and influencers—came together to clean up some of the trash littering Breakwater Beach in Venice, California. In partnership with Surfrider Foundation, an organization committed to the “protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans,” the volunteer group removed 87.6 pounds of trash from the ...

More Than a Flavor: Meet Thrive Market Organic Vanilla Extract

When we set out to create Thrive Market Organic Vanilla Extract, we wanted to make sure it delivered on quality, price, and—most important—taste. Read on to discover vanilla’s rich history, how we’re transforming the supply chain, and why this flavor-filled bottle deserves a spot in your pantry.

The Truth About Palm Oil + How Thrive Market Is Setting a New Standard

Did you know that palm oil is the most consumed oil in the world? It’s found in everything from snacks and ice cream to cosmetics and biofuel—in fact, about 50 percent of the packaged goods you see in the supermarket today contain palm oil or one of its derivatives. Because palm oil is often masked ...

Cook the Best Beef Ever With These Top Tips

With grilling season underway, we couldn’t think of a better time to round up the best advice about all things beef. As you can imagine, there are some pretty serious home cooks working at Thrive Market, so we turned to our colleagues to get input on favorite cuts, outstanding recipes, and surefire serving tips. We ...

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