Ever Bamboo

During a leisure trip to Asia in 2006, I came across bamboo charcoal odor neutralizer and dehumidifier in a store. Out of curiosity, I researched further about bamboo charcoal and what benefits it inhabits. The result? I learned that bamboo charcoal is natural, sustainable, reusable, and recyclable. Combined with its eco-friendly attributes, it also absorbs excess moisture while neutralizing odor which led me to wonder, "Conventional air fresheners are often chemical-filled and toxic, masking odors instead of eliminating them. Wouldn't this odor neutralizer solve many stinky problems in North America?" Ever Bamboo was conceived. Ever Bamboo launched in 2007 with products being sold at various festivals throughout Calgary, Alberta to garner interest and capture consumer curiosity. A few Canadian and US retailers started to carry the product line in 2008 which pushed Ever Bamboo into the North American market. Along with this growth, we launched the HEI Bamboo Charcoal Face + Body Bar. By the end of 2009, I had sold my other business venture and started building Ever Bamboo at a "over-time, 15 hour day" capacity. Despite having distributors and a few hundred retailers carrying the brand across North America, the growth was modest at best. The lack of consumer awareness of bamboo charcoal as an odor neutralizer made it a tough challenge. In November 2012, I made an unthinkable and tough decision by finding a part-time job to keep Ever Bamboo alive.

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