VIDEO: 7 Ways to Get Your Protein Fix on a Vegan Diet

January 15, 2016
by Dana Poblete for Thrive Market

“Where do you get your protein?” It’s a common question vegans have been hearing for decades.

It’s easy to see why people think vegans can’t get their protein. The truth is, there are 20 amino acids that make up a complete protein. Most animal sources contain all 20, while some plant-based ones do not. However, it’s really, really easy to cover all of your amino acid bases without a single bite of meat.

All you have to do is a eat a variety of plant-based proteins (and yes, there are a ton of options). Wellness coach Jennifer Partridge is well-versed in that department—she’s been a strong, healthy vegan for more than eight years.

In this video, Jennifer shares her seven favorite vegan protein sources and explains that there’s no need to obsess over exact ratios of one protein source versus another—just get a decent variety of plant-based foods into your diet and you’ll be good to go.

Chia seeds not only pack lots of protein, but are also one of the richest sources of brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids—not bad for such a tiny seed. While soy’s estrogen content and reputation for being a genetically modified food can seem a little scary, there’s a healthier alternative that can help bring more “meatiness” to a vegan dish: tempeh. And beans and rice—well they happen to be a perfect pair for a reason.

Press play to learn more about these foods and all the ways you can get plenty of protein on a vegan diet. And shop Jennifer’s top plant-based proteins below:

  1. Quinoa
  2. Buckwheat noodles, cereal, flour
  3. Hemp seeds
  4. Chia seeds
  5. Beans and rice
  6. Spirulina
  7. Tempeh

Video credits
Produced and Directed by: Liza Glucoft
Director of Photography: Naeem Munaf
Editor: Stephanie Provence

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