5 Tasty Ways to Get Your Plant-Based Protein (Besides Shakes)

February 24th, 2016

Step inside Thrive HQ first thing in the morning and you’ll definitely hear the ferocious whir of a blender. There’s always a smoothie in the works—usually some combination of fruits, veggies, superfoods, and supplements. One popular go-to for this healthy breakfast club: Garden of Life’s Organic Plant Protein.

“Plant-based protein is way easier to digest,” says resident health coach Michelle Pellizzon, who adds Garden of Life’s coffee-flavored version to her almond or coconut milk with some greens and a little cacao “for a mocha-tasting situation.” (It also comes in chocolate and vanilla.)

“Protein powders are notorious for being tough on the stomach,” she adds, “because they’re often made with processed whey protein, which can give lots of people aches or gas—commonly known in the fitness world as protein farts.”

Instead, Garden of Life powders get their protein from chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds. They’re raw, vegan, and free of soy, dairy, and gluten, and also contain natural digestive enzymes and 1 billion CFUs of probiotics (aka good bacteria that aid digestion)—an unrivaled amount when compared to most other protein powders. (CFUs, or “colony forming units,” refers to the number of organisms in each dose, and is the standard measure of potency in probiotic products.) All of the above are major wins for athletes, vegans, or anyone looking for an energy boost.


While we do love a good morning smoothie (hence the constant line for the office blender), we thought we’d put these powders to the test in some of our other favorite breakfast recipes, too.

Add a scoop to any of the following and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

Berry-Topped Paleo Coconut Porridge: We like Garden of Life’s Organic Plant Protein in Vanilla with this yummy, warming berry concoction.

Green Smoothie Bowl: A veggie-packed smoothie bowl + Smooth Energy plant protein in the morning = a grateful body all day.

Green Smoothie Bowl

Paleo-Friendly Coconut Flour Pancakes: Craving something sweet? Stir any of the flavored powders right into pancake batter!

Quinoa Breakfast Bars: Quinoa offers a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, while plant protein pumps you up for the day.

Chocolate-Pear Smoothie: It may sound like a dessert, but it’s still super good for you! This recipe is the perfect match for Garden of Life’s Organic Plant Protein in Chocolate.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont, Alicia Cho

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