The Best Thrive Market Products: Earth Month 2024 

Last Update: April 9, 2024

One way to make a positive environmental impact is by shopping from brands and suppliers that have a gentler impact on our planet and its natural resources. Things like the foods we eat and the packaging we use can all have an effect on climate change, so supporting ethical, environmentally conscious systems is one way of using your voice — and your dollars — to create a better future.

At Thrive Market, all of the products we carry are rigorously vetted to ensure that they meet certain environmental, health, and social criteria. In honor of Earth Month, here are some of our most impressive products when it comes to environmental impact, from upcycled snacks to regeneratively grown grocery staples to plastic-free self care products. 

Thrive Market Regeneratively Grown Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

These chocolate covered Brazil nuts aren’t only the perfect slightly sweet snack, they also have an incredible sourcing story. The nuts aren’t farmed, but rather wild harvested in the native jungle of northern Bolivia by gatherers whose mission is to protect the rainforest and provide sustainable income for the local communities. We’re not the only ones who love them, either — in 2024, these crunchy, chocolaty nuts won a coveted Good Housekeeping Best Snack Award!

Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Tea Tree Pure-Castile Soap Refill Carton

Longtime pioneers in the sustainability space, Dr. Bronner’s has always worked toward making their products better for people and the planet (like founding the Regenerative Organic Alliance, which works to help businesses switch to regenerative organic farming practices). With their new refill cartons, you can now refill their iconic castile soap containers without purchasing a second plastic bottle. 

Thrive Market Organic Apple Sauce 

Made from the highest-quality apples sourced from a multi-generational, family-owned orchard in California’s Sonoma County, this apple sauce is a part of a larger food system that encourages organic, low-waste practices. Sustainable techniques such as dry farming essentially allow the apples to water themselves during dry seasons, and imperfect apples that can’t be used in the apple sauce are used instead to make our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Thrive Market Peppermint Toothpaste Tablets 

These waterless, chewable tablets replace your disposable plastic toothpaste tube with a reusable glass jar. They also contain nHAp, a natural mineral alternative to fluoride, so they’re a great option for those looking to avoid conventional fluoride in their dental routine.  

LastObject LastSwab

Cutting down on plastic waste in your personal care routine can be tricky. While many brands focus on replacing plastic with better-for-the-planet alternatives (that still eventually get thrown away), LastObject aims to help people reuse these products over and over again. These handy little swabs are made with TPE, a rubber-like material, instead of the usual plastic and cotton, which means they can eliminate up to 1,000 single-use swabs.

Thrive Market Regeneratively Grown Organic Coconut Milk

It’s one of our bestselling products, for good reason! This mainstay pantry staple is made from regenerative-certified Sri Lankan coconuts, which are ethically sourced to ensure fair pay for workers. While coconut sourcing is notorious for its lack of transparency and traceability, we ensure that our coconuts come from a better supply chain to produce a better product. 

Wild Planet Wild Caught Skipjack Tuna

The commercial fishing industry has become overrun with exploitative labor practices, overfishing that depletes fish populations, and bycatching, which involves unintentionally harming fish other than the target species. Not at Wild Planet, though; they source wild migratory tuna and use sustainable pole and line fishing methods — never nets — to help eliminate bycatch. 

Thrive Market Regeneratively Grown Organic Dried Mango

Ethically sourced from small farms in Kenya, this sweet, chewy snack is made only from mangoes grown with planet-friendly regenerative practices, then dried using an innovative, energy-efficient process. If you’re looking for a seriously addictive and environmentally conscious snack, this just might be it. 

Bee’s Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

If you frequently wrap up leftovers or pack lunch for your kids to take to school, you know firsthand how much waste single-use plastic wrap can create. As an earth-friendly alternative, these reusable food wraps are made with organic cotton coated with antibacterial jojoba oil, beeswax, and natural tree resin to give you a reliable way to wrap food — without the plastic. 

Thrive Market x Blue Stripes Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix

This decadent, chocolaty baking mix is made by upcycling the outer parts of the cacao shell that are usually discarded. This gives our farm partners the opportunity to earn more for their work, and it eliminates food waste by conserving the flavorful cacao scraps and turning them into a fine flour. 

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