Organic Apple Sauce - OriginalOrganic Apple Sauce - Original671635705488When it comes to common pantry staples, oils, flours, and spices are usually found on well-stocked shelves—but why not apple sauce? Besides being a simple and healthy snack that offers many of the same benefits as regular apples, this humble puree also serves as a gentle food for upset stomachs and can be a versatile substitute to make baked goods vegan. That alone should be enough reason to keep a jar or two on hand. In developing our own line of organic apple sauces, Thrive Market gives this kitchen essential the royal treatment. We start with a delicious blend of ripe and juicy USDA certified organic apples that are washed, chopped, cooked, and blended together for intense fruit flavor and more balanced acidity. Then, our apple sauce is passed through an intense screening process to ensure even consistency and optimal flavor before being packaged into 24 oz. glass jars that can be stored in your pantry until they’re ready to use. (Also check out our convenient four-pack for on-the-go snacks.)24 oz glass jar
Amazing!! - by Best applesauce I’ve ever had!!
Great Apple Sauce - by Tastes good and is good for you.
Gritty - by For some reason all jars we purchased had a gritty texture.
Yummy! - by Good, apple taste with no added nonsense!
Delicious and wholesome - by I bought this for a brownie recipe and it was perfect.
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Apple Sauce - Original

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