Your Dry January Starter Kit

Last Update: January 5, 2024

In many ways, there’s never been a better time to cut ties with alcohol. Challenges like Sober October and Dry January are more popular than ever (one study reported that 15% of American adults participated in 2023), and beverage aisles are filled with mocktails and zero-proof beverages that allow people to imbibe without the booze. 

There are a lot of reasons to cut back on or eliminate alcohol from your routine — even aside from the next-day headache. If you’re taking part in Dry January this year, here’s everything you need to get started. 

Tips for Dry January

If you want to stick it out through the whole month, you’ll need to prepare for all the socializing, stress, celebrations, travel, and other instances that may usually warrant a drink. Here are some helpful tips for a successful Dry January: 

  • Write down your reasons for cutting out alcohol. For some people, it’s their health; for others, it’s their relationships. Whatever your reason for participating in Dry January, set aside some time for reflection before you begin so you know exactly what your goals are — and you can go back to them when the going gets tough. 
  • Identify any particularly tricky dates. Do you normally go to happy hour on Friday after work? Maybe you have a friend’s wedding at the end of the month? By identifying the times when you’ll be most tempted by alcohol in advance, you can make sure you’re prepared to handle them.
  • Arm yourself with supplies. Taste test some mocktails or non-alcoholic beverages before you begin so you know which ones you like best. You may even find yourself looking forward to sipping them!
  • Don’t over-explain. While most people in your life will likely understand and support your decision to cut out alcohol, some people may have questions (or the occasional joke). Be prepared to turn down drink offers without feeling self-conscious or pressured to drink. 
  • Have fun! You can still go to parties, concerts, vacations, and even bars and restaurants while you’re participating in Dry January. Many people even find that they enjoy experiences more while sober than they do while drinking. 

Note: Drinking is a complicated topic for many people, and trying a Dry January might not be as easy for some as others. If you’re a casual drinker who wants to try a month off, these tips are for you. If you want to take a break from alcohol but think you need more support, please know that resources are available to you.

Dry January Mocktail Recipes 

In many cases, enjoying a cocktail is just as much about the ritual as it is about the alcohol itself. Mix up one of these DIY mocktail recipes after a stressful work day to replace alcohol with a healthier habit. 

Blueberry Mint Mocktail Recipe
With fresh blueberries, sparkling water, and a tablespoon of hyaluronic acid, this mocktail boasts skin-supporting ingredients instead of booze. 

Summer Mocktail Recipes with Aura Bora Herb-Infused Sparkling Waters
Use canned Aura Bora sparkling beverages as the base for two bubbly cocktails: The Aura Bora Grapefruit Fizz and The Aura Bora Sweet Zing. 

Holiday Spiced Tea
Like an alcohol-free hot toddy, this warm, spicy beverage will carry you through those ongoing winter celebrations. 

Whole30® Bloody Mary Mocktail
All the brunch-ready goodness, sans the vodka. Bonus: It’s boosted with bone broth for extra savory flavor and nutrients. 

Collagen Blackberry Bramble Mocktail
While many alcoholic beverages make your skin look tired, this mocktail contains collagen peptides to help support skin health. 

Lavender Cucumber Spritz
Bubbly and herbaceous, this hydrating spritz looks just as festive as a cocktail when served in a highball glass. 

Cherry Bramble Mocktail  
Feeling fancy? This ornately garnished mocktail is perfect for a party. 

Julia Bainbridge’s Summer Staycation Mocktail
If you’re heading out on a warm weather vacation (or if you stick with your Dry January into the warmer months), this alcohol-free twist on a piña colada is perfect for sipping poolside. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages for Dry January 

If you’re hosting a dinner or want to bring along a beverage to a birthday party, these non-alcoholic takes on beer, wine, and cocktails will fit right in amidst the other libations. 

Surely Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Red
Like a dessert wine in a can, this bubbly mix of jammy, fruity flavors mimics the traditional blend of Pinot Noir and Cabernet. 

Proxies Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative, Blanc Slate
A nearly 1:1 swap for your favorite dry white wine, this non-alcoholic alternative is made with European grapes, teas, and botanical herbs.

Gruvi Bubbly Rosé Non-Alcoholic Wine
It tastes like the real deal because it’s made with Chardonnay grapes, but there’s no alcohol involved in this wine alternative. 

Hop Wtr Sparkling Beverage 
If you’re normally a beer drinker, this will give you the same hoppy flavor of your favorite IPA — without the buzz. 

Hoptonic Sparkling Herbal Tea with Hops 
Rather than bringing on a hangover, this hops-infused sparkling tea combines chamomile and lavender for a sense of calm. 

De La Calle Tepache Grapefruit Lime Paloma
Love the flavor of a tequila cocktail? This fermented beverage combines grapefruit and lime flavors to mimic the taste of a classic paloma. 

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