Got Your Dream Job? Match Your Workout to Your 9-5 Life!

Last Update: March 9, 2020

Head to a 5 a.m. Soulcycle class on any given weekday and it’s bound to be filled with high-powered execs, dynamic entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen and women. Is there something about this sweaty, intense, and curated boutique exercise experience that attracts this type of person?

It’s true—like attracts like. If a high-intensity job is just your speed, you probably love a workout that pumps your adrenaline, too. But balance is important—after all, you can’t work at 110 percent all the time without burning out (or just going crazy).

Change up your sweat schedule and find your balance–all based off what you do from 9 to 5.

High-powered executives

Okay, you’re used to handling a lot on your plate. You love stepping up to a challenge, especially when someone questions your strength. And because you’re a type-A, winner-take-all kind of person, you probably love your regimented workouts. If a super sweaty spin class is the only thing that gets you through the week, keep it up! But for balance, and the sake of your sanity, add something a little more centering and calming into your sweat routine.

You might not be able to sit still long enough for a meditation, so instead, try aerial yoga. Its a fun way to stretch, relax, and trick you into using your breath to calm your racing mind. Plus, it can be a pretty challenging workout while still being easy on your joints.

Creative geniuses

Whether you’re a startup founder or a freelance writer, you’re used to following your passions and creating your own luck. You know how to work hard and hustle while still staying true to yourself. If you typically find yourself on a yoga mat, step out of your comfort zone and try a Crossfit class.

Combining elements of Olympic weight lifting, martial arts, and gymnastics, this trendy routine has exploded over the past few years. Creatives love Crossfit because every WOD (workout of the day) is totally different. Jump rope, pull ups, hand stands, even flipping huge tractor tires can be in the WOD. It’ll keep you on your toes and inspire your ingenuity; and you’ll feel like you can conquer anything–even that looming deadline–when you walk out of the box.

Spreadsheet whizzes

If you spend all day in your cubicle crunching numbers and mastering Excel spreadsheets, you’re probably spending a lot of time in a seated, hunched position. Not great for you posture, agreed? Even if you’re a regular at the gym, chances are your back and postural muscles need a little more TLC.

Pilates is renowned for it’s back strengthening and muscle elongating exercises, but it can be a little snooze-worthy because of it’s low intensity. Working on the Megaformer, which is like a Pilates Reformer machine on steroids, will increase your heart rate because there are more standing exercises in a megaformer class, and heavier weights are involved which automatically improves your caloric expenditure. As in, you’re gonna get sweatier and you’re gonna burn more calories while still getting the back-friendly exercises you need for better posture. Score.

Customer service reps

When five o’clock rolls around, you might have just a little bit of pent-up frustration—it can be challenging to pacify exasperated clients all day. Your fatigue is justified, but don’t let that aggression ruin your life outside of work. Instead, channel your energy into emulating Rocky and take up a sport like boxing in your off hours.

After just one class you’ll feel how sore your arms, abs, and legs can get from this full body workout. Throwing an uppercut punch takes a lot more muscle than you’d realize, and you’ll see changes in your entire body due to the conditioning work that most boxing gyms include in their training regimens. Plus, your workout will leave you with an endorphin high, melting away all the resentment you may have for those not-so-sweet customers you had to deal with!


Your world already revolves around coding, languages, and UX—and trail running is the perfect sport to combine tech and nature.

With all the wearable gadgets available to amateur and professional athletes alike, techies will love the ability to quantify data and track their own processes. And you’ll never get bored with trail running–scaling hills, hopping streams, and dodging trees will keep you entertained the entire time. It’s like a video game, but with cardio benefits.

At the end of your workday, the easiest way to motivate yourself to get moving is to pick a workout you get giddy about. Doesn’t matter if you’re killing yourself on a treadmill or chillin’ in child’s pose, just get going!

Illustration by Foley Wu

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Michelle Pellizzon

Certified health coach and endorphin enthusiast, Michelle is an expert in healthy living and eating. When she's not writing you can find her running trails, reading about nutrition, and eating lots of guacamole.

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