8 Stars Whose Bodies Totally Transformed When They Went Paleo

February 23, 2016

News of Kim Kardashian’s latest haircut ranks just as high in Facebook’s “Trending Topics” as the latest poll numbers from the U.S. Presidential election. It’s just further proof that Americans are totally obsessed with celebrities.

So when a Youtube video of Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph singing the praises of the Paleo-friendly drink Bulletproof coffee went viral a couple of years ago, the Paleo diet was destined to hit the big time.

And oh my, how it has. “Paleo” became the most searched diet term of 2013, and eating like a caveman has taken over the health and wellness scene ever since. But it’s not just for jacked Crossfit dudes. Celebrities and professional athletes are turning the the diet—which is mostly based on eating organic meat, veggies, and healthy fats—to stay lean and fit. Need some inspiration to try it yourself? You’ll be seriously surprised when you learn just how many A-list celebrities have tried out the diet and seen serious results.

1. Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake’s baby mama relied on a diet rich in veggies, fish, and healthy fats to bounce back to her prenatal weight after delivering their son. Biel’s athletic physique is well-documented in the tabloids—hi, have you seen her arms?—and there’s no doubt her healthy diet is helping that.

2.  Bill Clinton

After undergoing quadruple-bypass heart surgery in 2004, the former POTUS and influential world leader knew he had to make a change. So Clinton adopted a vegan diet in 2010, lost 30 pounds, and stuck to the no-meat, no-dairy challenge for more than a few years. But in 2014, his private doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman, recommended making the switch to a more Paleo-friendly diet—fewer carbs, more healthy fats.

3. Jack Osborne

Following his unexpected multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2012, Sharon and Ozzy’s son has transformed his diet and exercise regimen in order to keep the disease in check. Following an anti-inflammatory, whole foods diet has been key in keeping Osborne healthy and strong:

 “Diet is a big thing. I am a firm believer in you are what you eat. I juice a lot, I try and stick to a Paleo Diet.” —Jack Osborne

4. Anne Hathaway

A long-time vegan, Hathaway found herself feeling weak and tired while trudging around on set in her 40-pound space suit for the film “Interstellar.” Once the star satisfied her craving for animal protein, she decided to ditch veganism forever and instead opt for a more balanced, Paleo-inspired diet to fuel her body.

5. Matthew McConaughey

Perhaps it was McConaughey who influenced Hathaway, his “Interstellar” co-star. The perennially shirtless A-lister credits the diet with keeping his body-fat levels low and his muscles lean.

6. LeBron James

After seeing his teammate Ray Allen quickly lose 10 pounds after going Paleo, LeBron decided to try the gluten-free, low-carb, high-fat diet himself. After just two months, the four-time NBA MVP debuted a much slimmer frame that left the sports world gaping. Not only did he hit his goal weight of 250 pounds, LeBron also noticed he was much lighter on his feet, a plus for any athlete.

7. Megan Fox

Fox has been in her fair share of films and recently appeared on the TV show “New Girl,” but it’s fair to say that the actress is perhaps most well-known for her bombshell body. And, wait for it … She’s Paleo! Although Fox is incredibly dedicated to her clean diet, she admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she still misses some foods: “The worst thing I put in my body is coffee, once a day. I don’t have any cheat days, but if I did, it would be pizza or cake.”

8. Novak Djokovic

Sprinting across the court to hit a rogue ball, smashing overhead serves, and hours of intense play under the sun are rough on all tennis players’ bodies. Djokovic, currently the top-ranked men’s tennis player in the world, maintains his athletic prowess with a gluten-free, Paleo-friendly diet. After his nutritionist discovered he was gluten intolerant in 2011, Djokovic cut out the carbs and noticed his game improved radically. His ascent to the pinnacle of the sport has been swift, and he credits much of his success to the way he eats.

Alright, are you inspired to go full-on caveman yet? Check out these resources to help make your entry into “primal” eating as painless as possible.

Photo credit: Keith Allison via Flickr

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