High-Protein Snacks: How Chomps’ Humane Animal Treatment Boosts Nutrition

Last Update: July 12, 2023

If you’re all too familiar with that midday rumbling in your stomach, it might be time to up your snacking game. High-protein snacks are crucial for maintaining energy during a work day or weekend adventure. And why? Protein’s perks are numerous—it helps you feel fuller longer, it’s the building block of your muscles, and it seriously supports bone health. While there are many high-protein snacks available for purchase, the quality of your protein source matters. Here to explain why quality makes a difference and how to choose the perfect high-protein snack is Karli Nutter, PR & Communications Manager at Chomps.

“Higher protein snacks can reduce hunger and help prevent overeating at meal time,” Nutter explains. “They’re also great for muscle recovery and rebuilding if you’re snacking after a workout.” Not only that, but consumers should also make it a priority to eat snacks that are sustainably sourced.

If meat is your protein source of choice, sustainability should be top of mind. “Not all meat is created equal when it comes to the environment and animal welfare,” Nutter says, adding that Chomps sources its meat from sustainable farms to protect the Earth, its soil, and the animals themselves as well as your health. As Nutter puts it, “happy, healthy animals equals better meat!”

Checking the ingredient list of your preferred snack shouldn’t give you a headache. Along with being diet friendly (they’re Whole30® Approved, Certified Paleo, and suitable for the keto diet), Nutter reports Chomps high-protein meat sticks are also totally free of:

  • Added sugar
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Colors
  • MSG
  • Fillers (like rice flour or pork)
  • Binders
  • Added nitrates/nitrites

For more tips on high-protein snacking and what sets Chomps apart, keep reading for the rest of our interview with the brand.

What ingredients make Chomps’ meat sticks superior?

We like to think it’s the simplicity of our ingredients! We use minimal, real food ingredients with nothing hidden or harmful. All of our sticks have unique seasoning blends, and whole food ingredients, like jalapeño peppers or cranberries, to achieve all the best flavor combinations our customers are looking for.

Chomps goes to “great lengths to source from farmers who are committed to treating their land and their animals right”—why is that important?

The way an animal is treated affects the quality of the product you’re ultimately consuming. If an animal feeds on grassy pastures, is not given antibiotics or hormones, and is raised using ethical practices, the end result is a high-quality, great tasting product! In fact, if an animal becomes unhealthy or overly stressed, the meat it produces will be very low quality.


How is Chomps’ taking steps to protect our environment now and for future generations?

From a sustainability perspective, we have goals we are set on reaching in the coming years. Currently, our biggest initiative is producing a net positive impact on the environment, soils, and grasslands, which we’re working toward by sourcing our protein from farmers who follow natural regenerative agriculture methods like rotational grazing.

Walk us through your animal welfare commitments—what are the unique sourcing stories for each of your products?

Beef & Venison: Our beef and venison are sourced from the grassy pastures of Tasmania and New Zealand. The animals are 100% grass-fed and finished and humanely raised by farmers who are practicing regenerative agriculture methods to protect the animals, soil and earth. We’re also very proud that all of our beef is officially Certified Humane, which was a great accomplishment for us and our producers!

Turkey: We source our turkeys from family-owned farms in California and Minnesota that raise their turkeys free-range and without antibiotics or growth promotants. All turkeys are free to roam the grassy pastures of the farm and are humanely raised the entirety of their lives, meeting the Global Animal Partnership’s standards.

Chomps makes the perfect snack, but what are a few ways that Thrive Market members can incorporate their favorite meat sticks into meals throughout the day?

Chomps has truly become a pantry staple and not just as a standalone snack, but as a component in homemade dishes. We love seeing how our fans have been adding Chomps as an ingredient in meals throughout the day when they post on social media with the hashtag #madewithchomps! We’ve seen some really delicious, creative combinations. Here are a few of our favorites:

Breakfast: Veggie + Chomps Breakfast Quesadilla

Lunch: Chomps Chopped Salad

Dinner: Loaded Baked Potato

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