Peanut Butter Filled NuggetsPeanut Butter Filled Nuggets856369004759Quinn Snacks has just perfected the gluten-free, peanut butter filled pretzel. (We'll wait while you soak in the moment.) Grab this bag for anytime snack sessions featuring 3g of protein and the ideal PB to pretzel ratio.7 oz bag
Hard and stale tasting - by I normally like peanut butter pretzels but these are like a hard shell that doesn’t taste like a pretzel.
Great Snack - by Our family loves this crunchy snack. As a celiac, these are some of my favorites and I have never had any issues when eating them. Love the peanut butter in the middle. So happy to have found this snack for our family.
Great snack - by Family likes them too
Contains wheat but gluten free - by Tasty but contains wheat
Stale? - by Either these were stale or the recipe is just odd.
Quinn Snacks
Quinn Snacks

Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets

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